The Types of Antique Chaise Lounge

Antique chaise lounge is a good decoration for your house as it brings traditional and old-fashioned sense. This traditional and old-fashioned sense brings friendliness into your house so the one who visits your house will feel like staying at their very home. The chaise longue with antiqueness usually cost more expensive because the design will come in epic carving or other decoration which relates to old-fashioned picture or unordinary picture.

Antique chaise lounge first design is the duchesse braise design. This design comes with separated chaise lounge which has two raised end. The legs of the chaise is more in numbers than usual chaise lounge with legs as the chaise lounge can be separated into chairs. This chaise lounge commonly comes with floral motif and brownish gold color so the elegancy of this chaise lounge spark with its sense of antiqueness.

Antique chaise lounge second design is the Recamier chaise lounge. This chaise lounge is made with two raised ends with the same height. There is no side support for this chaise lounge so you may fall if you are not careful when moving on this chaise lounge. This chaise antique lounge is said to be associated with the style of chaise lounge from the French neoclassical era. The name of this chaise lounge itself comes from the name of Madame Recamier which is ever painted in this chair with her elegant pose.

Antique chaise lounge third design is the Meridians chaise lounge. This chaise lounge comes in asymmetrical design which looks antique and unusual. Both of the two ends are made different where one side is made with raised end and the other is made into lowered end. This creates a sloping sense to the chaise lounge and its side support gives you safe guard for overcoming falling down from the chaise lounge. This chaise lounge is popular in the decoration of French grand house in 19th century.

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