Exterior house color ideas with painting trim

exterior house color ideas

Exterior house color ideas – The exterior trim of the house has a primary purpose: to check and enliven the architecture from the house. With this goal in mind, the appropriate paint scheme will increase the prominence of the edges. Also, some ideas for trims will help maximize light exposure indoors.

Window with white trim

The white trim exterior house color ideas on the window can seem plain and boring, but white’s stops can increase the amount of sunlight reflected in its windows. The result is a simple painting project, which helps to increase the transfer of heat during the cold winter months. To offset the white, strong color can be used in the blinds to accentuate the white trim on the walls a neutral color. This project will maintain your home with a clean and inviting appearance, especially among the green trees. A clear home can stand out in a neighborhood where the houses are built close together.

Opposite colors

Many vintage homes have walls with darker gray color schemes. Use the opposite color scheme found in a palette of colors will contrast the dark colors boldly. A visual matching dark green with red as the opposite color helps make the house a part of the landscape, not something outstanding in it. Try to stay away from pure colors to avoid the appearance of a scheme of child art.

Dark colors

Use a very dark color to accentuate trim is a way to define the architecture of the house. Go around your home by painting the eaves of the roof and the shutters with a high-contrast color; black is an option. Another option is to use the darkest shade you find to match the wall colors. When using a dark exterior house color ideas, such as dark green, black trim seem at first glance, but have subtle tones when struck by the rays of the sun. This option works well in neighborhoods where homes are built close to each other, or between lush landscapes.