Projects of Wood Storage Cabinets for Tools

Carpentry and woodworking projects can be fun, but how to store this Monteria of tools that every woodworker seems to accumulate? There is a huge amount of boxes of plastic and metal as wood storage cabinets solutions for tools available in the big stores, but why not apply some of their skills with wood to build your own tool support?

Perforated plates

Each workshop has a holder for perforated plate’s tools; just to help keep you organized these tools really need to be visible and handy. This is a very simple wood project. The orifice plates are available in sizes of 5 to 20 per 10 centimeters per 10 centimeters, plywood or metal. Parafuseie the perforated plate directly in the rafters of the garage wall, or use expanders cavity wall to screw the plate perforated plaster or stucco. Enter hangers for tools on board. You can spruce up the project by painting the plate and / or scoring tools of your board with a marker so you know which goes where. The Woodshopics site (see references) has a more advanced version of a perforated plate, if you want to try something a little more challenging.


Generations of students honed their skills working wood by building his own toolbox. Toolboxes can be as simple as an open with a strap (like the Popular Mechanics plans, in the references below), or advanced as a tool wood storage cabinets with several drawers on rollers that slide box. The site Tool Crib (see References) has suggestions and plans for these.

Cupboard for gardening tools

Garden tools are a special problem because of their size. A simple solution is to preach a few nails at a distance of 5 by 10 cm on the wall for rakes, shovels, etc., may be hung between the plates. Another idea is to create wood storage cabinets with holes in the top and bottom, so that tools with long handles can be placed (see Resources).

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