Placing tile floor patterns herringbone

The classic tile floor patterns herringbone organizes rectangular slabs at 90 or 45 degrees symmetrically. The proportions of the rectangles are usually 2: 1 (twice longer than high). When you place herringbone pattern, you need to establish baselines on the ground to follow. For proper alignment pin, you also need square or triangular slabs proportional, depending herringbone pattern you want to do. When placing tiles in a pattern, beginning with an edge of a wall or a baseline and work in small sections.


The tile floor patterns Herringbone at 90 degrees

  1. Place a 6-inch square slab at the corner of the room or at the start of the baseline.
  2. Place a rectangular slab of 6 x 12 inches (15 x 30 cm) vertically below the square. The short end of the rectangular slab should be adjacent to the square slab.
  3. Place a rectangular slab of 6 x 12 inches (15 x 30 cm) horizontally beyond the vertical slab you placed earlier. This slab off and form an L.
  4. Place another square slab beneath the rectangular slab just placed flat on the floor. Repeat the installation process tile floor patterns until you reach the other end of the room or area you marked.
  5. Begin to place the second set of slabs. Next to the first square slab you placed on the ground, a rectangular slab placed vertically so that the upper ends are flush with each other.
  6. Place a rectangular slab horizontally under the slab just placed. The slabs will be as if he had a letter L resting inside another letter L.
  7. Place a slab vertically below the right end of the slab placed above.

The tile floor patterns Herringbone at 45 degrees

  1. Places a triangular slab 6 x 6 x 8.48 inch (15 x 15 x 21.54 cm) at the corner of the room or at the beginning of a base line so that the side of 8.48 inches (21.54 cm) touches the left side of the wall or baseline.
  2. Tile floor patterns with placing a second triangular slab below the first so that it points in the same direction.
  3. Place the second set of slabs. Place a rectangular slab of 6 x 12 inches (15 x 30 cm) between the first and second triangular slab you placed. This triangular slab should point downward at a 45 degree angle.
  4. It begins with the third row of tiles. Place a rectangular slab on the floor so that one of its short ends touches the bottom right of the first box you placed aside. The lower short end of the slab to the left should be level with the lower end of the slab along that you just placed. The slab just placed should be pointing up at an angle of 45 degrees.

5. Adjust the following rectangular slab in the space below the triangular slab above you placed so that it points up at an angle of 45 degrees. Continues to place the slabs in this way to complete this line tile floor patterns.

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