Pai Gow Tiles Fishing

Pai Gow Tiles – The old game of “Pai Gow” is not exactly old. It is the game played by the characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The pretense was created by the producers of the series, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. The inspiration for “Pai Gow” from “Ikebana” oriental floral arrangements was carried. Although it is one of the compounds play a program, it can be played in real life.

Fishing Pai Gow tiles, also known as ‘Fifteen Lakes’, is an exciting game played by Pai Gow fishing enthusiasts.

Pai Gow tiles are played with 2 players Fisheries. Each player receives 15 cards, a deck of 84 tiles. The pond is 24 ‘fish’ tiles face up to the players to catch. Tiles with the same number of pips are generally able to match each other. When a tile acts as bait may take other tiles with the same number of points. Each player takes a turn choosing a bait tile from his hand, and uses it to catch a fish pond tile. The goal is to collect better than his opponent from the fish pond harvest. Extra points are added when the ‘fish’ caught updated medium to large fish or fish of minnows. This can be achieved by collecting pairs of the Supreme, the Nine Heaven-or four-of-a-kind pairs of certain tiles. Special bonuses are given to a collection of 8 squares of the Supreme, the 12-tile Nine Heaven, rules, etc are described detailed in the game.

Decide on the strategy of giving priority to catching a fish pond. It aims to improve their fish while the opponent does not stop. The 84 cards in Pai Gow tiles Fishing consists of 2 decks of civilians tiles (11 each) and 4 covers military tiles (10 each).

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