How to owl bathroom decor for Valentine’s Day

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Owl bathroom decor – The most romantic day of the year is approaching and we all preparing us for the arrival of Cupid? The Valentine’s Day is the day of love and friendship and what better occasion to get together with our friends to celebrate the love that brought us together. A good option is to make a meeting in caps ay cook a tasty dinner.

For meetings at home always managed everything well to make our guests feel very comfortable in it. The gleaming room we leave the kitchen until we clean spotless and not to mention the bathroom, which made ​​it to those who visit us feel happy. In addition, we set our home by date, placing ornaments alcoves celebrations.

No corner of the house is saved from the decor, not the bathroom. In these celebrations of Valentine we can decorate the guest bathroom in a very cute way. We can change the towels and soaps by one who sends us to love. Some decorations can also add extras to make our bathroom look really nice.

Target provides some accessory options for Valentine owl bathroom decor. The towels are one of the most important things to have a bath, so seek to always change coming guests. In this case, we can put some red with hearts or some who has a motive of love.

On top of the toilet tank we can put a set of bath salts in red and pink hues to decorate. And if we still have a few more thoughts and if your owl bathroom decor is large enough to not look overdone, ceiling we can place a mobile type ornaments that look really modern.

If you are determined to make a really modern look to your bathrooms. Use your own creativity and implement your own owl bathroom decor ideas by combining different ideas in this article.

Using zinc countertops on the kitchen

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Zinc countertops – The steel plates for the counters of bars and restaurants have used for centuries; but now, many homeowners is using it in their own kitchens as countertops, because the appearance of the steel plate away from the normal and is quite durable. There are three types of steel sheets for countertops: zinc, copper and stainless steel. The latter two are usually more used than zinc, but recently it began to change, since now the zinc plates are being increasingly used because of its unique style and its ability to shape and mold.


Step 1

  1. Measure the wall. Calculate how many square meters of sheet of corrugated zinc countertops are needed by multiplying the height of the area you want to cover the width.
  2. Go to a store and choose the style of corrugated zinc. Many different designs are available. You also need to choose a metallic color, usually copper or silver.
  3. Clean the area of ​​the wall where you want the panel. This is important. If your wall is dirty, the adhesive may not adhere well. Normally, warm soapy water works well.
  4. Get all the protective gear, i.e. gloves, apron and mask before you begin working with the zinc countertops, as this may have sharp edges like a razor, and if cut, you can enter sparks in the eyes.
  5. Apply contact cement on the kitchen counter. This cement adheres immediately, which is recommended in wax paper top.
  6. Cut the wax paper and leave it in the top of the contact cement. Place the steel plate on the wax paper in the correct position. Once done, remove the wax paper from under the steel plate.
  7. Hammering the edges of the steel plate down to get the look you want, being careful of sharp edges.

8. Use steel wool to smooth and polish the zinc countertops. You can polish it by hand, but if you use a machine, be careful with small pieces of metal that are released.

About outdoor propane fire pit

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Outdoor propane fire pit are an old heating and cooking device that is making a comeback in modern landscapes patio- age. They have come a long way since the stone ring burning wood used by our wandering ancestors. Today, you could find an outdoor fire pit to suit whatever your yard decor could be.

  1. Types

Outdoor propane fire pit come in three basic types: table, fire ring and chimney. A fire pit table is built on a bonfire, often large, low table patio. The table portion is typically made ​​of steel while the fire is made ​​of copper, stainless steel or stone. Fire rings are designed for fires to resemble campfire rings outdoors. They are made ​​of stone or iron rings designed to look like steel drums cut generally used in campsites.

  1. Characteristics

Bonfires are made to use gas, wood or coal. Part of pit is rounded to allow enough to keep the fire burning in warm glow slow ventilation.

All fires are made ​​of various materials, granite, including stone and stainless steel. Gas fires are shaped to house both the outdoor propane fire pit tank underneath and records of gas into the well. Wood and coal burning fires are designed to keep material without needing. All outdoor fire pits are made ​​of durable materials that may easily withstand high heat. They can be made ​​to meet all the requirements of size, shape or style.

  1. Notice

Like other device that heats through an open flame, take care to avoid burns. Do not touch the surface of an outdoor propane fire pit when it is warming up and keep it away from chemicals and flammable materials. Follow all instructions when using gas logs and propane tanks. Wood and charcoal fires may produce sparks, to keep them away from flammable materials such as rugs and outdoor furniture.

How to bathe with a teak shower stool

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Teak shower stool – A shower stool is a wonderful convenience for your bathroom. Thought to become a tool to the elderly and disabled, many have lost the posh and relaxation a shower seat is able to afford. Built in your bathroom counters are visually appealing and can also provide a bathroom a spa feel. Banks are beautiful teakwood and easily installed on any who would like to relax in a hot bath. For medical and security purposes, a shower seat can be purchased and moved into and out of the tub as required to provide balance and safety.


1 Install a teak shower stool for your existing bathroom. A folding seat is firmly bolted to the wall or shower surround. A free-standing stool is a sturdy chair, stool or hard plastic that moves in and out of the bath, if necessary.

2 Move an elderly person or disabled near shower stool. If they are in a wheelchair, use a medical transition moves to safely transfer a person from the wheelchair to the shower stool. Have the person wrap his arms around your neck as you stand under the arm to the bank. Once they are seated, gently lift your legs over the side of the tub and gently slide them into the center of the seat.

3 Turn on the shower and adjusted the water to flow over the body of the person. Use a shower with a stool to relax back into the steaming water.

  1. Wash with soap and a towel. Rinse thoroughly. A hand shower is convenient for rinsing an elderly or disabled, giving you more control over where the water will person.


Teak shower stool wood and hard, shower benches molded plastic is good with water. They are design to resist damage. We invite you to look at our 12 model teak shower stool in the photo gallery.

Cleaners for Wood File Cabinets

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Cabinets of wood can have a variety of finishes applied. Each type of finish is benefited by a different type of cleaning to maintain it properly. Rather than buying several different types of products for cleaning wood file cabinets, you can make your without spending much. Homemade solutions are simple to be used and are usually very helpful in your cleaning routine. Create a folder of recipes that work for your home and fill it with the necessary products.

Varnished wood cabinets

To clean wood file cabinets varnished, you could put a number of drops of lemon oil with water inside a spray bottle. Shake the bottle each time it is to use it, since the mixture separates easily. Gently spray the solution on a soft cloth; no need to soak, just moisten. Wipe the cabinets and then pass a second time, this time with a clean cloth. Use the second cloth to polish the cabinets again, rubbing it in quick circular motions.

Raw wood cabinets

The bare wood file cabinets need a little added moisture. Mix in a bowl, two spoons of soup of olive oil with the same amount of lemon juice. Mix well, and then dampen a clean, dry cloth into the mixture. Wring the cloth; this will cause the components to be absorbed. You do not need to be soaked. Pass it on cabinets, making the solution penetrate the wood. If you drive a lot of solution in the wood, use a clean cloth to remove excess. As in polished wood, can use the second cloth to polish these cabinets.

Painted wood cabinets

Painted wood cabinets can tolerate detergents, but you must be careful not to strip paint. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to 3.7 liters of water and mix. Use a sponge to move the solution in closets. Be sure to rinse the soap from cabinets, since it can dry the paint and the wood. Use fresh water and a sponge or clean cloth; rinse until water is clear. Touch the paint chips as you discover each of them avoid having to repaint the complete wood file cabinets.

Decorating of nautical shower curtain

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Nautical shower curtain – The shower curtains are an accessory that can enhance the looks of your bathroom. She can also create a certain mood or atmosphere to make the bath more enjoyable. These curtains can be found in a wide variety of styles and colors, fitting your creativity to add a personal and unique touch.

Decorative shower curtain

If your boyfriend, brother or father has a dull bathroom, give him a curtain decorative bathroom to brighten the space. Consider the colors and designs to choose favorites presented the curtain ideal bathroom. If you are unsure of your decorative preferences, choose neutral. For a fresh and clean look, choose a cloth or plastic with colorful and bold lists. A striped curtain red and navy blue will give the nautical shower curtain look on bathroom, while a wise striped curtain green and sky blue will please any lover of nature. The styles of shower curtains include geometric patterns, logos of sports teams and beach scenes or forest. Include a set of curtain rings as present.

Theme or style shower curtain

Decorating ideas for a shower curtain can arise from a specific theme or style. Entire bathroom can be decorated based on the theme of your curtain, be it a more outdoor, tropical style, animal, western, sports and nautical. Styles include French, rustic, Tuscan and the Victorian. If the bathroom is already decorated with a theme or style, find a nautical shower curtain that complements well. A curtain neutral color works with almost any bathroom. You can also combine the curtain with accessories present in the room.


Garnish with a nautical shower curtain according to weather you want to create. Some curtains have beautiful images of the ocean or tropical islands that can bring relaxation while warm colors give a jovial and cheerful touch. Themes bamboo or nature can bring the outside environment into the bathroom.

The Modern Style of The Subway Tile Bathroom

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Subway tile bathroom is easy to be composed as long as people understand about the aspect of the connection between it and the whole bathroom design and decoration. Because of that, the first thing must be understood by people in the time of composing it is the aspect of the bathroom composition between the modern or the classic one for example. Through the basic aspect understood like that, people can compose the idea about the next step easily.

Subway tile bathroom can be assumed as the inevitable part of modern bathroom decoration. It has the important function and so the appearance of subway tile for bathroom can be assumed as something important too relating to the same reason. People can compose the idea about making the great composition of their bathroom based on their focusing idea into the idea of composing it. That can be the simple way to be done nowadays in the time of making the bathroom composition.

Subway tile bathroom itself can be found in some variations. People can find the modern subway tile bathroom as the main style can be considered because of its simple characteristic. For modern people, having the aspect of the simple in the time of composing the idea about bathroom composition can be something interesting. That is caused by the aspect of the simple characteristic as the aspect of the modern era spirit.

Subway tile bathroom becomes something important but its composition can be done in simple way. Because of that, the thing needed to be understood by people is that its composition must be done based on the consideration about its function and its position as the supporting point into the whole bathroom decoration. Without having the appropriateness between them, the composition can be assumed as something can be ignored from being composed.

Why You Should Choose Murphy Beds

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Murphy beds – are undeniably a type of bed for you to consider choosing instead of any other regular beds you can find so easily right now. This is especially when you want to add a bed in your house but do not really wanted to lose a room in there. How can the beds possibly help you out in this kind of situation then? Well, this is actually where the major benefit of the beds is located. It can be said to be so because the beds in this brand are made with a very special design called as the wall bed. It makes the beds foldable to the wall of the rooms in which these are located so that the space inside the rooms will not be taken when the beds are not used.

If being asked about where the Murphy beds can be placed in your house, the answer can actually be any room. Even so, it cannot be denied that the beds are more suitable to be placed on extra bedrooms in there, such the bedrooms you provide for guests who are about to sleep over. When you have no guests, you can use the rooms for something else, such as home office, media room, yoga room, or any other room you want.

Other best thing you have to know as well about the beds is that the brand also gives you options to build your own beds which designs can be suited to the design of the rooms perfectly. This way, the beds as well as the rooms can look good together. In this case, it would be great if you already have designs for the beds. Although it is so, it is fine if you do not have your own designs for the Murphy beds because you can consult about it to the designer there.

Bathroom Accessories Fixtures designs and Cost Ranges

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There are many aspects to take into account when decorating a bathroom. What price range can you work within? Remembering to add fixtures, accessories, toilet decor, paint, and building materials accurately can not be easy. Consistently contain an additional 10%-25% to your overall budget for unforeseen extras or emergencies. Online shopping and sales are consistently excellent resources for building and toilet decorating.

Second, think about the quantity of traffic the toilet will receive. For most primary toilets, keeping and arranging the toilet are as significant as decorating. Fortunately, there are lots of bathroom add-ons which help arrange the room like towel holders, toilet cupboards or shelving cleaner holders and over the loo. It’s always simpler to put accessories back where they go, which keeps the room clean by making certain all items have their particular place in the restroom.

After you have appropriate furniture and arranging materials for your own bathroom and have accurately budgeted the job, pick a general topic for the room. You may select a theme like tropical, nautical or Tuscany or you’ll be able to select several colours to work with. Finding accessories may be simple by choosing a general topic for your own bathroom. Begin with a paint or wallpaper background to establish a general tone for the room. Subsequently pick towels that bring the colours as well as motif objects together or highlight the background with more vibrant colours or pictures that are sharper. Eventually start choosing accessories that compliment your subject.

Toilet accessories can contain:

  • Carpet
  • Bath towels
  • Hand towels
  • Fixtures
  • Soap dispensers
  • Soap dish
  • Scent holders
  • Candle holders
  • Bathroom baskets
  • Lotion holders
  • Shower curtains
  • Bathroom curtain rods
  • Towel racks

Below are several toilet theme thoughts:

  • Nautical: if you can not find background for your nautical-themed toilet or you’re uncertain about the quantity of blue paint you’ve used, you can add this room and a mural. Add a window or a beach landscape looking out as if from a boat. Some nautically themes contain red/white life preserver bands or anchors. Lighthouses may also be a good touch to this room together with themed soap dispensers, dishes, Kleenex holder, and light emphases.
  • Reddish or black emphases: Red or black emphases on lighter colours like yellowish or white can add another pizazz to any toilet. Keep counters and the walls a solid colour or utilize occasional reddish or black tiling throughout. Use coloured trimmings and find toilet accessories which are the emphasis colour that is solid.

Floral motif: floral motifs can range between tropical to state blooms. Some backdrops may be overwhelming little stencils or background runners might help to keep the flowery pattern from taking over. Recall to seek out bits that copy the exact same kinds of blooms rather than transforming from places or fashions. Emphasis pieces also function well with flowery decor. Using a solid coloured bathroom carpet will bring out the colours of the blossoms instead of locating a carpet that’s the same pattern as bathroom accessories or the walls.

How to paint the walls of baby nursery furniture sets

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By anticipating the arrival of a new baby, decorating for baby nursery furniture sets could be an exciting event. Nurseries are likely to reflect a particular theme that parents chose or just convey a calm environment for baby to rest. The colors vary widely from pastels to more modern classics brown or green. Some parents have ventured to paint murals on the walls, like clouds, trees, and scenes from fairy tales or other images. In any design you choose, remember that, basically, the nursery is a resting place for your child and so many patterns and colors can be distracting.


How do

  1. Choose your paint color and the design model. Knowing what you would like on the walls before applying paint will really help you save time and money. Colors with a calming effect that helps babies sleep include light blues and greens. You can also choose specific colors of gender, as shades of pink or blue, or neutral, like yellow.
  2. Remove baby nursery furniture sets, toys and other nursery items. Thus, if the painting sneezes, it will not damage any part of baby furniture.
  3. Remove light switches and sockets. This prevents paint drops on them and allows you to spread the color more deeply along the wall.
  4. Sketch the design on the wall with a pencil. If you are drawing a design on the walls, use a pencil to sketch helps avoid errors that can occur if you paint without making a planning. To assist with some designs, can be used stencil. However, some people choose to do by hand.
  5. Shaping cover any wall or other area with baby nursery furniture sets if you do not want to paint.
  6. Place a tarp on the ground and add weights around the edges to hold it. The tarp keeps the floor clean carpet or wood. You can use paint cans as weights on canvas.
  7. Open the windows and doors of the room. Sufficient ventilation ensures that you and all employees remain safe. Pregnant women may need a mask or avoid doing the painting.
  8. Apply ink using a brush or a roller. For entire walls, a roll can leave the task easier. Intricate areas for instance murals or stripes should be painted with brushes in hand.

9. Allow the walls to dry before removing the canvas and bring of baby nursery furniture sets inside.