Floor to Ceiling Rubbermaid Storage Cabinet in the Garage Craft

rubbermaid storage cabinet assembly

The wall Rubbermaid storage cabinet from floor to ceiling is an easy storage solution to the garage and they are a reliable project for the common homeowner. Making cabinets on the wall, you can better use the space in the garage and save the cost of buying expensive storage units. Use these cabinets to store sports equipment, tools and other random items that have no place in the house.


  1. Use the search engine to find structures where the garage where to place the Rubbermaid storage cabinet. Mark your location on the wall with a pencil.
  2. Measure the space where you plan to place the cabinets with tape. Measure the wall to determine the length and height of the cabinets. 1 Constrúyelos using pine 10 inches (2.5 by 25 cm), so that the depth is 10 inches (25 cm).
  3. 1 Cut two pieces 10 inches (2.5 by 25 cm) longer than pine determine just with a circular saw. These tables serve as the base panels and upper cabinets. Cut two more pieces of pine height cabinet, minus two inches (5 cm) to the side panels.
  4. Arrange four boards you just cut a rectangular manner. Place the side panels between the ends and align the edges. Wood screws placed 2 inches (5 cm) through the top and bottom in the thickness of the side panels for securing the frame panels.
  5. for pine frame so that the bottom is flush with the garage floor. Slide the Rubbermaid storage cabinet to the desired position against the garage wall. Places its frame with wood screws 2 inches (5 cm) at an angle through the top, bottom and side panels and by the wall structures.
  6. Measure and mark the position of the shelves of the cabinet with the side panels in pencil. Cut pine racks 1 per 10 inches (2.5 by 25 cm) with the measurement of the length of the cabinet, at least 2 inches (5 cm) to account for the side panels.
  7. Spend the shelves horizontally into place between the side panels where you have marked in pencil. Ensures the shelves with wood screws through the side panels, hand across his thick…
  8. Additional screws placed at an angle downwards through the rear edge of each shelf and to structures to provide additional support.
  9. cut a sheet of veneer 1/2 inch (1.2 cm) using general measures of the Rubbermaid storage cabinet to serve as door cabinet. If desired, cut the sheet of veneer into two or more sections to various colors.
  10. Keep your doors or cabinet flush against the frame of the cabinet and placed two metal hinges along one edge of the veneer. If you use several doors, placed two metal hinges per section. Screw the other side of each hinge within the cabinet to attach the door.
  11. Fill the screw holes with wood filler and allow drying completely. With a fine grain sandpaper surface under the cabinet, including the areas in which applied the wood filler.
  12. Paint or stain the Rubbermaid storage cabinet finished garage.

Appropriate height for dining room lights

dining room lights houzz

Lighting is a key element of interior design and can quickly change the atmosphere of an environment. When installing dining room lights, there are some rules to follow to avoid security risks and also to get a feel that will complement the other elements of the room decor.

  1. Hanging lamps

Traditionally, chandeliers are hung at a height 80-90 cm above the center of the dining table. Chandeliers the pendants are hung about 70 to 90 cm, depending on the length and design of the part. If the ceiling is higher than the standard 2.5 m, you should add 20 cm for every half meter and consider using higher powered lamps to provide enough dining room lights in situations of dinners and meetings. To prevent fire hazards and interruption of the passage in the dining room, hang the chandelier to at least 1.2 m from walls and furniture. However, chandeliers are very versatile and easily incorporated into many types of decor. For modern and contemporary spaces, where the dining table may be lower than a traditional table, consider hanging the chandelier in a lower than usual, to create a more intimate setting height. Importantly chandeliers in low height can create excessive heat and cause strange shadows and distorted facial features, which may annoy some visitors.

  1. Wall lights

Wall dining room lights are ideal to compensate for poorly lit areas and create a point of visual attention that highlights elements of decoration. Ideally, washers must be hung at a height from 1.5 m to 1.8 m from the ground – corresponds to the level of vision – and should be spaced apart by 2.5 to 3 m. When installing sconces, hold the piece in a height not let the bulbs appear. Also, combine wall lamps with the rest of the interior decoration and consider purchasing fixtures that contribute to strengthening the decor theme.

  1. Tips for choosing the lighting

With all the dining room lights choices available, how to know exactly what style to choose? First, do a search on the style you choose for your dining room. Styles most classic and always stylish combine with decorative chandeliers, as they are more suitable for more discreet lights, pendant luminaries as more artistic, handmade or eclectic styles. There pendant luminaries specially designed for theme rooms, such as pool halls or dining rooms with nature-inspired themes. Consider installing directional lights up the dining room has more of a utility, for example, also serve as an office. For fixtures that have visible wires, use tissue or artificial plants that match your decor, to cover them.

Decorating Small Bathroom Designs

small bathroom makeovers

Little toilets have their particular challenges in regards to decorating. The plan layout for a tiny toilet is the initial challenge. Space is restricted, which means you can’t use it. Really little toilet layout calls for few of them, and small-scale furnishings.

Little toilets demand decorating tips that differ from those for bigger rooms. Decorating ideas for a tiny toilet do not need to be restricted to miniaturized versions of those for big toilet, though. Think about the following little bathroom decorating suggestions.

Little Bathroom Decorating Tips

These little bathroom decorating suggestions can help you take advantage of your space, if you’re remodeling a tiny bathroom. Remember to plan before starting redecorating or remodeling. Decorating and layout ideas are significant and straightforward plans are needed to make them work nicely.

1. Flooring: Use big, light colored tile to the ground. White or very light grey or beige flooring will give the delusion of space to a little toilet.

2. Walls: Select light colours for the walls. They need not be white or beige, but dark colours in a tiny toilet is likely to make the walls “close in” on you.

3. Sinks: Look for small, wall mounted sinks without dressing tables. These allow more of your flooring to reveal. More observable flooring space makes a tiny bathroom seem bigger.

4. Cupboards: Select cupboards which could be set into the wall. Open ledges or Cupboard doors ought to be flush with the wall surface. Smooth, unbroken wall surfaces make a tiny toilet seem broader and longer. Any cupboard doors ought to be painted to coordinate with the wall colour.

5. Big mirrors: Hang. Mirrors make a tiny toilet appear almost double the size, and reflect space. Consider one or more added mirrors, and a big mirror over the sink.

6. Tub: Your little toilet could have a tub. Replacing it using a clear-glass-door shower stall will free space. Or select a little, additional deep Japanese style tub. This comes in a close-square that frees space beside the bath for your wall sink. The bath is big enough for little kids. Grownups and older kids can use as a soaking bath. Add drape and a shower for hurry times.

7. Accessories: RV suppliers sell wonderful accessories for small-scale toilets. Over-the-door towel bars carry multiple towels in a little space. Tissue box holders in clear acrylic mount to the wall, as do tumbler and toothbrush holders. Make a checklist of what’s utilized in RV ‘s’ tiny toilets.

8. Photos and Plants: One of the very most significant little bathroom decorating suggestions would be to make use of plants and photographs. Pictures or prints mounted in “floating” clear frameworks can set a decorating theme for a tiny toilet. Three or two photos of sandpipers on a seashore, for instance, can create using sandy beige in the walls. Towels may be sandy beige with an edge of marine blue. The motif can be carried through by a shower curtain. A green plant, silk or live, could be hung in a corner. Make use of a light colored basket for an airy appearance.

Strategies for Arranging Bathroom Cabinets

These strategies for arranging bathroom cabinets will help to keep your little toilet appearing amazing.

Reduce litter by reducing container size. Shampoo, lotions, etc. are more efficient in big sizes, but don’t place them in your cupboard that manner. Put money into little travel-sized bottles. Little bottles are simpler to manage, and take less space. Fill with shampoos and lotions, and order in little bathroom cabinets. Keep containers that are bigger elsewhere.

Instead, attach -shampoo-conditioner dispenser to the bathroom/shower wall. This frees the little bathroom cabinet of many things.

Rustic outdoor furniture southern

rustic outdoor furniture ideas

The style of rustic decor of the southern United States makes a connection to the rustic outdoor furniture environment with the Southern life. Think of huts on the mountain with earth-colored tones, wooden beams on the ceiling and a dining table of wooden boards with banks following. Use lots of textured items such as rugs, fabric quilts and animal skins.

  1. Rustic furniture southern

Rustic outdoor furniture pieces from the south may or may not be handmade and usually reflect the Mission and Adirondack styles. The types of wood used for this style of furniture include red cedar and western cypress, oak and pine from Georgia. Typical parts include beds, dressers, desks, chests, rocking chairs, garden furniture and bookcases. The wood from old barns is sometimes used for furniture. Rustic furniture is often primitive and hard, with rough finishes.

  1. Colors

For wall color choices as terracotta, browns, yellows and reds are typical rustic Southern style. Wood finishes can include white patina, natural, golden oak or antique pieces for furniture or flooring cherry. The “bleak” appearance is common in rustic outdoor furniture and indoor, and helps to create an aged appearance with layers of various colors of ink.

  1. Finishes to window

Complete your rustic decor in any room with south rustic curtains or valances. Consider giving the finish a window with images of bears, bison, knights, horses, deer, log cabins or deer / elk. Alternatively, use solid colors and materials for curtains like black suede, a crosspiece of Cheyenne, or Laredo, with stars in it or curtains faux leather.

  1. Highlights

The highlights to complement the style of rustic decor in your home south may include a mirror horseshoe, a wall hanger cactus cowboy or a coffee table composed of a rearing stallion on its hind legs with a glass top.

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How to set up IKEA office furniture

ikea office furniture

IKEA office furniture – A good way to make your multipurpose room is creating a space that can be used for office. This view allows you to have two rooms for the price of one, and with the right decoration, functional and comfortable environment can be achieved.

If you are determined to make a multipurpose room to your bedroom. Use your own creativity and implement your own IKEA office furniture for your room decor by combining different ideas in this article.


Step 1

  1. Decide your decor. Think about what you already have in your room and how you want to transform it into office equipment. If you already have a bookcase or cabinet, objects thought to harmonize with those who chose to add. Take your time browsing catalogs and online reviewing sites on different office furniture. Visit sites and stores like IKEA office furniture, Target, Pier One, Wal-Mart and Office Depot to get an overall idea of what is available for sale.
  2. Measure your space. Know exactly what you want to take to your room to create an office and how much space you have for it. Use the tape measure to check the dimensions of the room. Make sure you have recorded the actions of furniture that will bring to your room to make sure they fit there.
  3. Combine styles IKEA office furniture. Use the space you possess to create a look that works well in the two intended uses. For example, if you want a style simple and elegant in your room, avoid overloading it with cables, desktop computer and printer. Opt for a simple laptop and a car that can be easily moved around the room.

Now all depends on you on office furniture set, you want to wear theme where and what product you will use.

Bathroom Sink Cabinets and The Multipurpose Furniture

bathroom sink cabinets walmart

Bathroom sink cabinetscan be categorized as the commonest thing to be considered in the time people making the plan about the furniture can be placed in their bathroom. Of course this one is the part of the bathroom furniture arrangement too and so people must be careful in the time of composing the idea about that since the wrong way for composing it can bring the furniture into the useless furniture can be found in the bathroom.

Bathroom sink cabinet’s idea must be proposed based on the appropriateness between its style and the whole style of bathroom composition. Making the appropriateness between them becomes the main aspect must be noticed in the beginning because the perfect final result can be reached or not depended on the aspect. The possibility of making the connection between them becomes the sign of having the perfect result of the bathroom furniture arrangement.

Bathroom sink cabinets of course can be found in some variations nowadays. Modern people can like to consider of using the kind of modern bathroom sink cabinets because by using the modern style, the act of making the appropriateness between them can be easier to be done. So, people can have more possibility to make the great final result between them too. That is something must be noticed too in the beginning.

Bathroom sink cabinets become the aspect of the bathroom furniture composition. Because of that, the act of composing the idea about it must be done based on the idea about making the multipurpose furniture there. The bathroom usually found in the limited dimension, because of that, composing the idea about the furniture inside must be done based on the consideration about its useful function. The composition of the bathroom furniture actually becomes something important to be considered even in both of the classic or modern bathroom style.

Dining Room Tables -The Dining Room’s Centerpiece

dining room tables amish

The place where everybody in the home assembles for dialogue and great food is the dining area. Everyone loves pleasantries exchanged over food and drink and convenes. The room’s use is clearly consistent with the furniture in its functions. As the dining room is used for eating, its main furniture that garners the most interest and use is the dining room table. Other dining room furniture work in coordination with all the dining room table and collectively, the most create the great and functionality feeling of the dining room.

The dining room table is the used and most discovered dining furniture. It’s the room’s focus. Other furniture located in the dining room like a wine cupboard must flank the dining room table. They must all consent to function and the plan of the dining table to make a harmonious overall layout and feel in the dining room.

Since the dining table is the most used and seen among the dining room furniture, it has to be made to ensure its aesthetic worth and obviously, functionality and stamina and well chosen. Whether it be a basic family dinner or a party affecting many guests, a dining table that is good is really a requirement.

There are many types of dining room tables. These tables are more or less like the dining furniture that is fundamental, exclusively they designed and are more made. The majority of these tables are prized than their real function for their layout. These tables regularly go nicely with other classic pieces like a wine cupboard or classic elaborate chairs. Breakfast bars are among the non-traditional layouts of dining tables. These tables are a lot smaller than normal dining tables and are made for the very first meal of the day since they provide ease of movement to adapt the morning hurry and more freedom. These tables have much more cupboards and stands and more room for move such as a wine cabinet’s stands that are ideal for keeping mugs, bowls and cereals. Coffee tables are among the smaller furniture pieces in our list. These tables were created to be in the existence of lounge chairs and couches as they can be created to carry beverages, pastries and snacks. Occasionally, these tables are used when one wishes to eat whilst watching television to for dinner and other meals.

Given that there are lots of types of dining tables, which one do you get? There are many guidelines when searching for kitchen furniture which could be incredibly useful. These guidelines make it possible for you to think about the things which are most significant in picking the furniture.

Several things that you must Remember When Purchasing Dining Furniture

Contemplate Your Demands

Ask yourself, what do you really have to have in furniture for the dining area? The demand determines function as well as the size of the furniture you will get. Because one needs a big storage for wines in the home could, for instance, purchase a wine cabinet. The amount of people that would use the size of table you’ll get determines it. Large families would want a a table that is larger to adapt many individuals, while smaller ones and perhaps, bachelors would want smaller ones. Function is also a factor. Smaller families and Bachelors may contemplate obtaining a dining table if not in use there might be surprise visitors which have foldable extensions which will be put away.

Contemplate Layout

The substance would be determined by layout and make of the dining table. This rule is also followed by other dining furniture like a wine cupboard. Under this particular factor, you’d must consider what stuff would make up your furniture. Can it be made of metal, plastic, glass or hardwood? What is the consideration’s make? Would it follow a minimalist or a Victorian style that is timeless? These questions could be answered in the event that you consider your individual taste and motif of your house of dining room. For instance, dining areas would be fit by a minimalist dining room table with tidy, solid colours. Victorian dining room furniture add some classic dash to an otherwise boring room. Consult with layout publications or designers for this one.

Find the Equilibrium Between Quality, Layout, and Need

Does one have to pick two or just one of the three? Don’t forget that quality furniture for the dining area is not going to give one for the other. There are lots of dining furniture sold in the marketplace offering a response to your demand, great layout and high quality for an affordable cost. Obtaining an excellent kitchen table and other dining room furniture would guarantee that you’d get your own money’s worth. Envision a wine cupboard with high quality and great layout that will endure for a life might be the following family heirloom.

Locate Sellers which are not Untrustworthy

There are much furniture sold in stores that meet your demand and are created of the very best materials and are crafted to perfection or in the web. But consistently exercise caution and keep your eyes open for forgery offers and scams. Do research. Read up on your own dining room furniture providers that are possible. There are newsgroups and many sites that offer info concerning guidance and the sellers concerning the furniture.

Luxury canopy for an outdoor dog bed

outdoor dog bed and lounger

Outdoor dog bed – Luxurious canopy beds for dogs beyond the standards of a plastic or wicker basket for your dog sleep inside. They are pieces of high standard, featuring ornaments, soft tissues and undeniable comfort for dogs. When analyzing a bed with canopy, note the resistance, structure and appropriate size.

  1. Canopy beds for small dogs

Note the size of the outdoor dog bed with adjusts your dog. The model Pink Feather Canopy is made ​​to a spoiled princess, with each of its details offering supreme luxury. Already Iron Canopy Dog Bed was made ​​with an elegant and luxurious style to fit a male or female dog. The brand Rock Star Pup presents Louis XVI made ​​under order and that can cost dearly.

  1. Canopy beds for medium dogs or small

Medium and small outdoor dog bed provides the support necessary and the luxury that larger dogs deserve. The Bulldog Bed & Company offers the luxurious model Nights of Arabia, ideal for medium-sized dogs; she comes in olive and chocolate colors. The Metropolitan Designs and Decor brand has made ​​several beds for large dogs: Moroccan, with a canopy-shaped half-bow; Seville to an arc-shaped canopy which can be wound; the Canoe Headboard, also with a canopy arc-shaped; and Barrymore, with a domed canopy.

  1. Canopy beds for outdoor

Canopy outdoor dog bed areas provide a place of comfort for dogs in local air free. They protect your pet from rain and sun. To be higher than the ground level, it also prevents the absorption of cold air from below. Brands of canopy beds outdoors include Pink Canopy Dog Beds and Dog Beds Canopy Chesapeake. The materials used in these luxury beds are resistant to moisture, repel water and are easy to clean.

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How to set a closed decorative toilet seats soft

decorative toilet seats australia

Decorative toilet seats – Simple Ideas Decorating as a creative presentation of the bath towels can make your toilet look completely differently. Do you need to have the skills of an expert bender towels to impress your guests. Use a creative towel instead of the traditional towel bar or add additional decorative touches can transform your towels boring to fun and original.

When choosing the shape of your new decorative toilet seats, consider the overall style of the bathroom. If you have a rustic bathroom, a flat metal bar modern look will look out of place. Also keep in mind that you must put the toilets in an appropriate and accessible location.

Soft closing decorative toilet seats covered with a quiet work and slow collapse of hinges. These hinges are installed directly on the back of the toilet bowl, and then the seat and lid are joined to the hinge. When a user opens the closed toilet seat soft, this remains upright until pushed down gently. Once the closing process begins, the seat lid slowly and gently leaning on the toilet. Adjustment is easy.


  1. Lift the lid and the toilet seat soft close approximately near the maximum vertical position.
  2. Press the release button in the center of the toilet soft close, and then pull the seat and the lid hinges.
  3. using the screwdriver, loosen the screws left holding the hinges on “mounting holes” in the back of the toilet bowl.
  4. Adjust hinges loose by hand to the desired position, and then tighten the set screws in place with a screwdriver.
  5. Push the seat assembly and lid on hinges fit through. Your toilet seat soft close is now set correctly.

We invite you to look at our 10 decorative toilet seats in the photo gallery. Bound to find many ideas to adapt to yours.

How to build bed for kids loft beds low

kids loft beds clearance

Kids loft beds – The favorite bed of a child is a low loft bed. One reason that parents build a low loft bed is storage space created by its height from the floor. Since some children’s rooms do not have enough storage space, low loft bed is perfect for portable storage units come under the bed. In addition to storage space, kids loft beds provide a place to expand their imagination. Hang sheets or other materials of the mattress to the floor, turns the space under the bed in a tent where children can play.


  1. Put the two pieces of wood 2 x 12 x 83 inches (5.08 x 30.48 x 210.82 cm) on a desk, on their narrow edges as if they were side table’s mattress. Ensures a piece of 2 x 6 x 39 inches (15.24 x 99.06 x 5.08 cm) at each end and between the two side parts with hexagonal screws 3 inches (7.62 cm). Drill pilot holes with the drill and drill 1/4 inch (0.635 cm) and adjust the screws with a socket and ratchet.
  2. Put the pieces of wood 39 inches (99.06 cm) remaining (tablets) between the two installed in steps 1. Separate them by 4 and 3/16 inches (10.63 cm) and secure with screws 3 inches (7 62 cm) (drill pilot holes first). This is the assembly of the mattress.
  3. Then put the 4 pieces of wood 2 x 6 x 37 inches (15.24 x 93.98 x 5.08 cm) above the table work. Mark 12 (30.48 cm), 24 (60.96 cm) and 36 inches (91.44 cm) and draw a line using the top cross speed. These are the side members of the stairs that double as tables in the head and foot of the kids loft beds.
  4. Supports 6 pieces of wood 2 x 6 x 42 (5.08 x 15.24 x 106.68 cm) above the table work. Mark the four corners of each piece to one inch (2.54 cm) from the edges and drill pilot holes at each mark. These are the steps and secure them to the four parts of Step 3 in the next step.
  5. Put two of the side members of the stair step 3 in the table and work them apart by 42 inches (the 36-inch mark is the top of the ladder). Ensures piece 42 inches (106.68 cm) (steps) of step 4 in the underside of the lines 12 (30.48 cm) and 24 inches (60.96 cm). Secure them to each other with 2 hex bolts and 1/2 inch (6.35 cm).

6. Repeat step 5 for the remaining two pieces of steps 3 and 4. These are the headboard and footboard of the bed and duplicate it as stairs to Kids loft beds. Drilling a pilot 1 (2.54 cm) and 10 inches (25.4 cm) hole from the top of the stairs and 1 inch (2.54 cm) from the edge too.