How to convert a shower tub combo

shower tub combo design ideas

A great way to revitalize a bathroom in an old house is replacing the tub with a modern shower tub combo. This project takes a few days and quite legwork. Your shower will not be used, and then is programmed. In the end, the result is a modern shower that gives value and style to your home.


  1. Turn off the water in the bathroom and start removing the tub, the shower door, the tap and the valve. Be careful not to pierce any water lines or electrical cables when doing tests. Use mask and gloves to protect from dust and debris. Remove all drywall around and above the bath. Clean area of ​​dirt, debris and dust. Place all waste in the trash dump.
  2. Make the frame of the new shower tub combo and shower stall. You may have to install new beams in place of the old. Check the level and condition of the beams. Fix when damaged can save you headaches in the future. The goal is to get a straight and strong wall.
  3. Install the new drain. Use one that is adjustable to be placed at the proper height where the floor is installed.
  4. Put the new pipelines shower valve. They can be made of copper lines or PEX pipe. Fit the new valve and shower tub combo head according to the instruction manual that came in the valve kit.
  5. Install floor. Certifque that the base is leveled. It usually fits the rafters with screws. Be careful not to break the glass flange that is on the floor when you’re screwing fiber. The drain is installed through the hole in the center. Attach the drain according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

We invite you to look at our 20 how to convert a shower tub combo in the photo gallery. Bound to find many ideas to adapt to yours.

Kids Bedroom Furniture – The secret to Your Child

childrens bedroom furniture blue

Just like your bedroom, you would like your son or daughter ‘s bedroom to be tidy, tidy, and well-ordered. Really, that’s every parent’s dream, but then it may be very hard for their sake to maintain their room tidy, in the event you don’t have furnishings set up to allow them to set and store their things. So, it’s vital that you give them the tools to keep on course, and that’s the reason you should buy children’s bedroom furniture for your son or daughter.

Like bedroom furniture made for grownups, children’s bedroom furniture can be found in a wide range of layouts, fashions, shapes and sizes, ideal for kids of all ages. For instance, perhaps you’ve got a three year-old daughter who’s just about prepared for her first bed. Not only are you going to have the ability to locate a smaller bed that totally fits her size, but you don’t need to settle for something that’s drab and dull. Why? Because, there are a number of wonderful choices accessible, like white ones which are painted, to fit the motif or theme that you’re going for in the room. Or, perhaps you’ve got a 12 year old lad who’s in need of some additional storage space in his room aside from the cabinet and chest of drawers he has along with a place so he can do his homework. An excellent choice for him would be a wonderful desk which has a lot of drawers plus a bed frame that’s drawers constructed into it. Now, he won’t have an explanation because he’s got lots of additional areas to put away his garments, toys, and any other things he might have to clean up his room. Bunk beds, dressing tables, chairs, headboards are included by other furniture choices for your kids, and actually, there are several choices, it is impossible to list them all.

Along with each of the individual furnishings, children’s bedroom furniture is, in addition, obtainable in sets in order to provide a wonderful fitting appearance to your son or daughter ‘s bedroom. These sets will typically feature multiple bureaus, headboard, nightstands, a bed frame, and mirrors or dressing tables. They’re often made from wood and attribute several colours as well as wonderful finishes so that it is easy to locate the one that is correct for their space as well as your kid. Let us say, you’ve got a 13 year old daughter, she doesn’t need something white, but nevertheless needs something really female, then a wonderful choice for her would be bedroom set which includes an exquisite and refined cherry finish. There are lots of options to pick from and most likely the biggest thing about bedroom sets is that you may also mix and match things that are different depending upon the space as well as your kid’s demands you have accessible. To see the numerous wonderful choices, simply log on the net and do some online shopping.

Thus, in case you would like your kid to really have a bedroom that’s tidy and well-ordered, then you definitely should buy children’s bedroom furniture for him he’s a place where he is able to keep his clothes and all the other material which he has. Because when you’re eventually able to see your kid’s flooring run and get some now, you are going to be extremely happy that you did.

How to Install Bathtub Doors

bathtub doors oil rubbed bronze

Bathtub doors can help a bathroom to have a chic, elegant look. The curtains are rapidly dirty, moldy and covered in soap suds. Already the doors are easy to find, clean, install and are great. Most of them come in a standard size, and then there are chances that if you take a look at the nearest hardware store, you will find that one in your bathroom. But be sure to measure carefully.


How do

  1. Measure the length of the bathtub on which to install the bathtub doors.
  2. Purchase a mounting kit for shower doors that fits the space measured in step 1.
  3. Secure with masking tape, stops on the walls in the correct position. These should rest right at the edge of the tub to the bottom of the rail fits inside.
  4. Measure the distance between the stops, positioning the tape from inside to determine the length that would cut the bottom rail.
  5. Use the saw to cut the bottom rail to length.
  6. Use a metal file to smooth any burrs on the bottom rail you cut in step 5.
  7. Position the bottom rail bathtub doors along the edge of the tub, making sure it is centered relative to the edges. Lay it on the flattest part. The top side should face outwards. Draw with the whiteboard marker, a line along the tub, as a guide to where the trail will be, to put it in a next step.
  8. Use the level to ensure that the stops are in line reta. Certifique that they are touching the edge of the tub. Draw the position of the holes for the screws to the marker.
  9. Use a drill with a tile drill to make the holes in the appropriate size for the bushings which was marked in step 8. Install them.
  10. With the gun, draw two lines of caulk along the edge of each side of the bottom of the bottom rail. Flatten it over the edge of the tub along the mark drawn in step 7. Press down firmly. Use a damp cloth or moistened finger to remove excess caulk on both sides.
  11. Attach the stops on the walls by locking screws into the plugs.
  12. Measure the top stops from one wall to the other to determine the cutting length of the top rail. Use the hacksaw to cut it.
  13. Install the top rail.
  14. Hang the bathtub doors in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  15. Draw a line of caulk around the entire outside of the box, as well as along the inside edge where the bottom and stops come together.

16. Let the caulk dry for 24 hours before showering.

How to decorate a clear shower curtain garden style

clear shower curtain rod

Clear shower curtain – At the end of a long day, your bathroom is where you can turn up problems with a hot shower or a bath foaming bath and relax. A toilet-themed garden can help achieve this peaceful feeling that you want. Even the ugliest of days, you can have the beauty of an outdoor garden right in your bathroom.


  1. Wrap a wreath of ivy or flowers artificial around the clear shower curtain rod. You can find this item at any craft store and it costs just a few dollars. Buy enough for the size of the rod and tie at each end.
  2. Place plants in the bathroom real or artificial. If you do not have a large bathroom, a vase of bamboo, fern clorofito or may be beautiful, without taking much space. Take care to place the plants in a place where they will not be knocked down or damaged.
  3. Take pictures of flowers and place them on the walls. It’s easy to shoot, print or have printed and you can frame them in less than five minutes. Consider taking pictures of flowers from your own garden to add a special touch of personalization to your bathroom. If you do not have to photograph flowers, can take pictures of flowers from anywhere.
  4. Paint the walls in a soothing pastel. A green or yellow light tone can help you relax and incorporate the vibration of a sunny garden. Light colors work with any garden decor item you put in the room.
  5. Choose items color coordinates clear shower curtain. If you decide to paint the wall yellow light, use light yellow towels. If you do not like colored towels, white goes with any color that you paint the walls.

6. Place a garland of flowers or ivy. They look beautiful on the back of the bathroom door and can work well with any decor item that you have. Choose a garland for the door of the same type as the wreath with which you wrap the clear shower curtain rod.

How to calculate the sum of the same side exterior angles

same side exterior angles are supplementary proof

Geometry can be one of the most difficult subjects of math you find in high school. With so many figures, types of angles and formulas to remember, you may start to feel like you’re swimming in a sea of ​​confusion. Read this article to be guided through how to solve a common geometry, calculating the sum of the same side exterior angles of a polygon.


Calculating the sum of same side exterior angles of a polygon

  1. Subtract the measure of each interior angle of 180 for the measurement of the corresponding exterior angle. If you draw a continuous straight out on each side of the polygon, you could see not only internal but also external angles. We know that a straight line is a measure of 180, so if you subtract the measure of the interior angle (180 degrees total straight line), then what’s left will be the external angle. In mathematical terms, the external and internal angles are complementary. This procedure should be followed for both regular and irregular polygons.
  2. Some measurements of all external angles of the polygon. It should be 360, because that is the sum of the same side exterior angles of all polygons.
  3. Use the knowledge that the sum of exterior angles of any polygon wills always 360, to facilitate the task of finding the measurements of the external angles of a polygon next time.
  4. Determine the measure of its same side exterior angles dividing 360 by the number of sides of the polygon when dealing with a regular polygon.
  5. Determine the measure of an exterior angle specific, if you have the measurements of all other external angles, adding all other external measures of angles and then subtracting that number from 360 in the case of an irregular polygon.

Measuring the interior angles of a polygon

  1. Determine if the polygon with which you are working is regular or irregular. A regular polygon is a figure whose sides and angles are all the same size, and all others are irregular.
  2. Use equation 180 * (n-2) if coping with a normal polygon, where n is the quantity of sides inside the polygon contained to find the sum of the company’s interior angles. Then, to determine the extent of the internal angles of the regular polygon, simply divide the sum of the internal angles of n, since this is the number of sides and angles of the regular polygon.

3. Use the measurements provided by the problem if you are working with an irregular polygon.

What is a luxury shower curtains double swag?

luxury shower curtains brown

Many people think that a bathroom of luxury shower curtains should mean a big one, but this is not the case. Luxury is more characteristic of amenities and finishes that size. In some cities, like New York, the spacious bathrooms are usually only found in very expensive apartments. Create a luxurious bathroom requires a polished and professional design, top quality materials and finishes.

Luxury shower curtains double swag curtains look luxurious and add a look of elegance within your bathroom. This type of shower curtains come in a variety of fabrics, textures and designs and can be dressed up or down.


Thunderbolt is a panel or cloth covers or hanging from a bar. The fabric is pulled onto the side and it is held set up having a decorative element. Spoils double curtain provides this design element from treatments window, and instead of a fabric panel, two are used. Each panel bar down the shower floor, hanging on each side of the bar.


A luxury shower curtains for bathroom is complete when all finishes are installed and the room is decorated. The finishes include unique faucets and water outlets, chandeliers, pillars of light, custom cabinets, countertops and sinks unusually ornate or handmade. The windows can be elaborated interior windows and door hardware can be golden. The decorator will bring luxury fabrics, bedding, statues, plants, rugs and decorative objects for the final room has the luster and elegance of a complete design.

Luxury shower curtains double swag are often rich and luxurious fabrics such as satin or velvet, because the wealth effect has double draped in decoration, although they could be found in cotton and similar to vinyl. If you use a cloth curtain, installing a liner shower curtain vinyl to protect the fabric and your floor from damage by water.


Shower curtains double swag often are tied at the back with rope trim, decorative metal curtain holders, arches and wide strips of cloth. The tie-back options are extensive and can add a unique decorative element to your bathroom.

Design wainscoting bathroom ideas

wainscoting bathroom height

Wainscoting bathroom – If you like the look of wood flooring but are unsure of how to incorporate them in your bathroom area, there are many options. Paneling can add texture to the walls and give your bathroom a clean look, thanks to its combination of horizontal and vertical straight lines. Wood paneling can also help a small bathroom look bigger, depending on your color choices.

White and Bright

To print a bath room spotlessly clean and hygienic, opt for colors bright white for the wainscoting bathroom. Paint the wood siding and vertical trim that ends in the middle of the wall of a very bright white and make it match the floor tiles or marble white. Paint the top of the walls of a jewel tone like emerald, ruby and violet or after crown molding adds a bright white color. Finish painting the ceiling with several shades lighter but in the same range of color and jewel tone that matches the color of the bath towels and rugs.

Edgy brightness

Forget wainscoting bathroom traditional wood paneling and opts for edgy look using sheet metal panels. The polished aluminum or copper add luster to your bathroom and will provide an easy to clean surface on the bottom of the walls. Complete your metal siding with a green tone in the case of copper panels, as this tone help enhance the natural copper patina as it ages. For aluminum coatings choose cobalt blue paint, floors and accessories in black and white to give a cold look or make it look warm burgundy paint color, white furniture and wood or bamboo. Pinto horizontal molding at the top of the lining of bright white or a color to match the floor if you cannot find metal to place at the top trim. Place shelves floating glass where you need towel and opt for metal rather than wood.

Indoor Chaise Lounge for Beneficial Furniture

Indoor chaise lounge

Indoor chaise lounge will is the right furniture to be placed in your house. This indoor chaise lounge gives many benefits if you place it in the place which is usually used for relaxation or spending time with soft activity like reading newspaper or watching television. The chaise lounge indoor will give you more comfort when you put it in front of your television. There is convertible back buffer chaise lounge patio that will give you adjustable buffer so you will be able to set the height of the buffer to get most comfortable position for watching television.

Indoor chaise lounge which has convertible buffer will enable you to have a relaxing sofa for sleeping. When you have felt tired with reading or watching television, you can just lower the buffer to create a bed and then you can go to your dreamland without the need for visiting your bedroom. With this convertible chaise lounge, you will be able to do some exercise to like yoga or other relaxing exercise on it.

Indoor chaise lounge is better to be made from wood. Wooden materials give a wonderful look to the house decoration as it gives sweet atmosphere with its brown color. Some wood also have beautiful pattern in its surface so it will make artistic decoration in the chair. For example, rosewood chaise lounge usually comes with gorgeous pattern of wood fiber as it comes in many brown colors with different level of boldness and hardness.

Indoor chaise lounge with cream and white color will be better furniture to be placed in modern or contemporary home design. These themes usually bring simplicity and efficiency as the chaise indoor lounge is the mix of sofa and bed which means that we have put two benefits in one furniture for efficiency. The simplicity also comes from the fusion of two things converted in to one furniture.

Positive Impact You Can Obtain from Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

Mirrored bedroom furniture 4

Mirrored bedroom furniture is actually the one which can really give good impacts in the design of your bedroom. Of course, all of these can only be obtained under certain circumstances. The first impact is none other but spacious impact that will occur only when the bedroom in which the furniture is about to be placed is not so spacious. This is no longer a secret that mirror is always helpful in narrow room wince this can make the room looks more spacious even if the fact is it is not.

The second major positive impact of mirrored bedroom furniture is dreamy impact. Compared to the previous impact, this one is more suitable to be called related to the design and look of the room the most. For you who are interested in gaining this positive impact, there is in fact a thing for you to think about instead of just placing the furniture in the room. The thing meant here is none other but the choice of dreamy shades to be applied in the room, especially on the walls. This is mentioned important because the shades can be reflected perfectly furniture that the whole room will look like it is decorated with the dreamy shades you choose.

Talking about color shades can be chosen to create a dreamy atmosphere in the room, there are in fact some choices you can consider choosing. The first one is any shades of light brown. Other than this, white is another perfect shades can also be used to create the dreamy look. Creating a bedroom with a choice of these color shades before you place the furniture inside will be way helpful for you in building the dreamy atmosphere easily. This way, the mirrored bedroom furniture you choose can function way better as something more than just a functional item.

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets as Home Side Project

refinishing kitchen cabinets cost

Refinishing kitchen cabinets would not always need you to have the experts do it for you. Many people would not want their hands dirty in doing some of the house projects for their house even though they are more than capable of doing it. Some would just hire experts and professionals do it for them, whether in changing their looks by repainting them, applying coats of varnish to them or even only to change their hardware parts. All of them could easily be done by you with the help of some close friends and family members over a free weekend as a home side project.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets as do it yourself (DIY) home side project could also bring the time for you and other family members to bond even more especially if you have your kids helping you in the matter. This would get the entire household to bond and be closer as a family, while doing fun and exciting stuff for the furniture inside the house, the kitchen cabinets to be specific. There are many ways that you could change the look of your kitchen cabinets that don’t always have to include much money in it. You could be saving the labor payment of hiring someone to do it for you, by doing them yourself.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets are not difficult to do even though if you are not hiring teams of professionals and experts. If you still having a hard time thinking of what you are going to do to change the display and appearance of your kitchen cabinets, you could always browse for some ideas on the internet or get the family members to give you some inputs for the ideas. They might also have some opinions of how they would want their kitchen cabinets to look like, since they are also going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen room.