Making dining room chair slipcovers

The old, worn or damaged chairs tend to make the whole kitchen or your dining room look sloppy. One way to change that aspect, and possibly continue to keep your chairs more comfortable, is using dining room chair slipcovers. However, sometimes they can cost as much as buying new chairs, so you’ll save a lot of money if you do. You need to have some sewing skills to complete the task.


  1. Measure the back of the chair with tape from the top to the seat. Then measure the width. Cut two rectangles of equal size. Aggregates two or three inches (5 to 7.5 cm) for the seams.
  2. Fabric draped dining room chair slipcovers according to your measurements and place pins joining the pieces on the lines of the seams. Cut leftover fabric but leave an inch (1.25 cm) beyond the extra lines for sewing. Measure the seat and cut another piece of fabric scraps. Place pins on the seat cover over the fabric at the bottom of the back.
  3. Remove the pattern of the back in the chairs and marks the seam lines with tailor’s chalk.
  4. Cut the pieces of the mold of your fabric cover and puzzle through a seam in the corresponding lines. One by sewing the right sides of the fabric and give them back to the right so that the seam is partner.
  5. Measure the base of the dining room chair slipcovers to create the flap. Cut the fabric to the desired length and width you measured.
  6. Place pins attaching the right sides of the skirt and do the hem of the skirt on the cover of the chair. Fold the skirt to hang as it should be and sew the seam to attach the corner edges.

7. Fold up the bottom of the skirt and make a hem 1/4 inch (0.75 cm) border.

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