How to bathe with a teak shower stool

Teak shower stool – A shower stool is a wonderful convenience for your bathroom. Thought to become a tool to the elderly and disabled, many have lost the posh and relaxation a shower seat is able to afford. Built in your bathroom counters are visually appealing and can also provide a bathroom a spa feel. Banks are beautiful teakwood and easily installed on any who would like to relax in a hot bath. For medical and security purposes, a shower seat can be purchased and moved into and out of the tub as required to provide balance and safety.


1 Install a teak shower stool for your existing bathroom. A folding seat is firmly bolted to the wall or shower surround. A free-standing stool is a sturdy chair, stool or hard plastic that moves in and out of the bath, if necessary.

2 Move an elderly person or disabled near shower stool. If they are in a wheelchair, use a medical transition moves to safely transfer a person from the wheelchair to the shower stool. Have the person wrap his arms around your neck as you stand under the arm to the bank. Once they are seated, gently lift your legs over the side of the tub and gently slide them into the center of the seat.

3 Turn on the shower and adjusted the water to flow over the body of the person. Use a shower with a stool to relax back into the steaming water.

  1. Wash with soap and a towel. Rinse thoroughly. A hand shower is convenient for rinsing an elderly or disabled, giving you more control over where the water will person.


Teak shower stool wood and hard, shower benches molded plastic is good with water. They are design to resist damage. We invite you to look at our 12 model teak shower stool in the photo gallery.

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