How to arrange the baby furniture sets in bedroom

Baby furniture sets – Preparing for the birth of a baby is a joyous occasion, pick out clothes for the baby, take classes in childbirth preparation and decoration of the room can keep prospective parents happily occupied for the duration of pregnancy. One of the most times consuming tasks can actually be decorating the baby’s room and decide how to organize each piece. The placement of the baby furniture sets in the room can be based on personal preference, aesthetic preference and overall better tactical positioning.


  1. determines what bedroom wall receives the least amount of noise from the outside of the house and other interior rooms. Place the crib against the wall, so less likely to wake baby during nap due to noise. Be sure not to put the crib near a window or air vents to keep the baby away from external light sources and drafts.
  2. Place your baby changer with the most desirable area adjacent to the door. This will allow faster changes when mom and dad bring the baby from other rooms.
  3. Place the baby comfortable around the table change. With comfortable around, parents can easily reach the baby clothes clean during changes.
  4. Find a suitable place for baby furniture sets of 3-4 feet (90-120 cm) of the crib and put the rocking chair. You’ll have to leave enough room to walk between the cradle and the rocking space, but also take the seat close enough so that baby can easily be placed in the crib once he falls asleep.
  5. Post nightstands and tables away from the crib, so that once the baby starts to crawl and stand cannot reach items on them.

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