Finished DIY Kitchen Cabinets Worn Black Color

The black color diy kitchen cabinets create a dramatic kitchen. The black paint has a far more modern look when compared to the white or natural wood, but a large area of ​​solid black is stiff and unappealing. Add a fake worn with raised edges highlighting a lighter shade of paint and shows the lower finish for any worn finish that is much more authentic look. Attractive and durable.


I spent faux finish

  1. Pouring a small amount of white paint and painting a small amount of cream in a small, disposable plate.
  2. Dip the tip of a brush with a rounded tip in white paint and paint a thin line along most of the high angular edges on the front and sides of the cabinet.
  3. Paint a thin coat of paint on the highest points of high, rounded edges. Concentrate on the most important areas and areas near the knob and the top that get the most wear.
  4. Spend cream colored paint on the very edges, which cover most of the white paint and some of the black borders.
  5. Use small tip brush to add a few thin lines and dots of paint to the flat surfaces of the diy kitchen cabinets to create the appearance of bumps and scratches. It uses a touch lighter. This is the most difficult to replicate appearance.

Finish worn

  1. Remove the cabinet doors by removing the screws holding the hinges.
  2. Lightly sand all surfaces to be painted and clean with a tack cloth to remove any dust.
  3. Paint the doors and drawer fronts for a lighter color, if necessary. If the diy kitchen cabinets are already a light color or half natural wood, you can skip this step. If the front or side of the cabinet faces is visible when the cabinet doors are closed, paint these surfaces too. Using a brush 4 inches (10 cm) for painting large flat surfaces and one 1 1/2 inch (3.25 cm) angled side edges paint and any high molding. Let the latex paint to dry overnight and the oil for 24 hours.
  4. Paint all painted with two coats of black surfaces. Let the paint dry for 12 hours between coats.
  5. Use sandpaper to remove layers of paint black color on some of the edges and corners of the diy kitchen cabinets. Concentrate on areas that naturally get the most wear. It uses a touch light, as this finish will be more authentic as you using the cabinets.
  6. Screw the hinges on the rear doors. Replace the door by screwing the hinges back on the cabinet doors. Replace the drawers.

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