Distressed Kitchen Cabinets for a Traditional-Modern Kitchen

Distressed kitchen cabinets are usually done to old cabinets so that they are looking new again with different antique visual effect that would be perfect for a rustic or traditional kitchen with a touch of modern in it. It could definitely make the room seems to be less interesting with no focal point inside the space. You would get the ambience and feel of an old-fashioned kitchen and depending on what you prefer; you could also get a hint of modern touches here and there inside the particular room. Usually many people would choose to have them distressed with their original color to make them have more unique and antique look, but these days they could be done with just any kind of color.

Distressed kitchen cabinets can be done by sand-papering the cabinets and then applying different coats of paint to them to give a different look and display for them. This technique could be done by yourself easily at home. You might want to get additional help from your friends and other family members when doing it especially to transform your cabinets are easier than you think. If you have boring looking cabinets inside your home, then you could customize them with this look to make them works of art that looks unique and also feel different to be placed inside the kitchen room.

Distressed kitchen cabinets that you are going to do inside your home in DIY style must be assured that you are going to do them with proper airy ventilation especially when you are going to paint or stain them. The chemical residues that are in the paint or stain are dangerous for your health especially when you breathe on them. Doing them outside of the house or opening the windows to make sure you have perfect ventilation could also be done when you are doing this side home project.

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