Boulder outdoor cinema in Greece

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The boulder outdoor cinema in Greece can be found in almost all cities. Called “Therein Cinematography” or cinemas summer they are part of Greek culture. The Athens area has close to 100 outdoor cinemas.

Open boulder outdoor cinema or Therein Cinematography (summer movies), are a phenomenon Typically Greek and constitute an integral part of Greek cultural identity. All cities and huge towns have some open boulder cinema, and lots of plenty of with respect to the scale the community. The Athens area alone has close to one hundred open boulder cinemas!

Movie theaters operate from May until September, when high temperatures lead the inhabitants to seek outdoor cinemas. In the summer most traditional theaters close (except for the new and some that have retractable roofs) and people seek the refreshing gardens and hanging gardens of the boulder outdoor cinema. Some consider that the outdoor cinema in Greece is an extension of the tradition of Greek theater arena. But the outdoor cinema happens in many countries.

The summer cinemas of Greece operate from May – September, When the really hoots summer weather sets in causing the movie-going habits of city dwellers to change radically. Early all of the indoor cinemas close down for that summertime (using the notable exception from the multi-complexes and also the few new cinemas POSSESS queue retractable roofs!) The Audiences seek out the more refreshing rooftop gardens and backyards of open boulder outdoor cinema. Some say queue the open boulder cinemas really certainly can be a direct extension from the tradition of ancient Greek drama that has been always staged in open boulder theaters. Though the open boulder theater carries in many countries.

There have been some outdoor exhibits in Sao Paulo, such as Youth Park last year. But public spaces in central areas of our cities should be used to free screenings, and South and Southeast, where the summer is very wet, would be more appropriate views in the fall or mild winter nights.

For keep puppy near outdoor recliner

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Outdoor recliner – Puppies often find safety where their owners are more relaxed. If your puppy has decided his favorite resting place is a good place to relieve themselves outdoors, they are certainly not going to be relaxed and. Even if the crime has happened a few times, all is not lost. There are things you can do. Understanding a little about the psychology of growing your puppy will help to end this and save his recliner. Keep separate spaces.

Puppies should not have free run of the house, especially when they are domesticated. Make sure your puppy has their own area. You may have some shared spaces, but not your outdoor recliner in shared spaces. As tempting as it is to let your puppy lay on you while you relax, do not. You’re sending a message to the dog that this space is shared; the puppy will quickly interpret their space only. No Toys.

Growing puppies are constantly trying to find their way in development and responses of the body. Impulse control is improving, but controlling the urge to urinate what to expect is often a work in progress. To stop your puppy to approach your outdoor recliner, make sure that none of his toys and chew objects is close to his recliner. Never play with the puppy near his recliner. Toys and emotion will move the puppy, resulting in accidents. Try playing outdoors or in a designated area. Keep your toys in a box or drawer of his bed.

Territorial dogs are very territorial, and growing puppies are no exception. They all have the need to make things as his own urine. A male puppy will be particularly prone to lift his leg and mark an area. Keeps your outdoor recliner insurance being verbally assertive whenever you see the puppy approach and sniff? A loud “No!” breathy huff or show dominance over the dog. With repetition, its dominant status is clear. The dog will be more submissive in their designated areas, saving his recliner.

How to Build a PVC outdoor towel rack

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If you have an outdoor pool and want to install shelves to give yourself and your fellow swimmers can hang towels dry in outdoor towel rack, shelves should be approximately 48 inches (1.21 m) from the pool deck. This measure is applicable if the shelves are installed outdoors or in an enclosed natatorium. If you frequently have young swimmers coming to your pool, the shelves can remain at 48 inches (1.21 m) if the towels are long enough to be accessible to children.

Keep your towels dry pool, out of the way and accessible with a PVC outdoor towel rack that can build yourself. Just hang your towels on the sturdy rectangular stand to dry in the sun by the pool, or even in the garage and take it the next time you go swimming, allowing you to reuse the same towel for a few days and eliminating much of the extra clothing. Set aside some glue and make your towel foldable so you can store it during the winter.

If you are determined to make an outdoor towel rack yourself. Use your own creativity and implement your own outdoor towel rack ideas by combining different ideas in this article.


  1. Cut 10 pieces of long PVC pipe of 15 cm to the side of the shelf above. Use a saw or handsaw to PVC to make it.
  2. Place a piece of pipe at each end of a connection and T fitting.
  3. Repeat the process for the other side of the top shelf.
  4. Cut four pieces of long PVC pipe about 1 meter, so that the bars are formed where the drying towels will be extended and will bind to both sides of the top shelf.
  5. Insert a piece of tube of 1 meter in each of the four legs of the T and snap connections. Then connect the ends of the pipe connections to the other side.

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American Outdoor Apparel Company

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Support forum American outdoor apparel company emigration to use these links when shopping online. Using an affiliate link will not cost more.

I (Art) I bought many of these companies and got very good experiences. I’ve put an asterisk (*) next to the ones I know best, but all are reputable companies.

Most of these affiliate links only apply to customers in the United States. Please tell me if you have any problem or if there is a company that you would want an affiliate link.

With an investment of $ 500,000, Nautical resumed its expansion in Peru. The American outdoor apparel company, clothing for men, women and children, opens the doors of its second store in the country today, located in the shopping center Plaza Real Slavery, Jesus Maria.

This addition brings the brand new design, which seeks to strengthen the relationship between man and the sea, natural things and outdoor activities, said the manager of marketing and advertising, Carolina Ramirez.

He noted that this is the second boutique in the world, and Nautical Angara in Mexico, where the new concept is launched.

The expansion plan also involves opening a third operation in Lima by the end of the year and go to provinces, specifically Trujillo , in 2015 Today the American outdoor apparel company is already present in Trujillo, Arequipa and Tacna through third parties.

The executive also said that within two to three years expects its first store in the Jockey Plaza, refurbished offering an updated look in line with the new concept of Nautical.

These could include not only its range of clothing, but probably their other lines of home (like linen) and accessories.

Thus Nautical back to this channel for more than two years ago their products were marketed in Saga Flabella.

American outdoor apparel company with brand, part of VF Corporation, has a presence in 64 countries with more than 190 boutiques and in the 3000 ‘corners’.

Outdoor Sectionals on Patio

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Outdoor sectionals – Decorate the outdoor of patio with a sectional sofa to transform the space into a comfortable and stylish retreat that friends and family can enjoy. Use the color and texture of the sectional base to inform the design of the patio sofa. Coordinates with other elements to create a decorative environment that is both functional and fashionable.

An outdoor sectionals sofa provides a seating arrangement in one. The design works asset, they will find this easy orientation to address, as the patio will feel like a general conversation area.

If the patio needs a private orientation to sit that is not disturbed by the traffic flow, turn the sectional sofa to a focal point such as a fireplace or outdoor view, his back to the traffic flow and position him outdoor. The shape of the outdoor sectionals sofa will create a configuration hallway behind him and his guidance will make it easier to walk around the patio, without interrupting the ongoing talks.

For recreation and relaxation, a sectional sofa provides ample patio outdoor and a place to stretch out and fill it completely. In a busy family outdoor, where many things can be happening at the same time, it is best to locate the outdoor sectionals sofa along the patio. Its L shaped design makes it easy to install in the corner of the patio with the best view.

If you place the sofa in the patio, this approach frees two corners for a table, plants, shelves or other pieces of decoration. Even for large families, one large sectional sofa accommodates all. This contributes to a deeper relationship in family full of activities and warm conversations. A standalone piece or other furniture, like a coffee table ottoman or extra chairs. Turn the sectional sofa to face his seat into the flow of traffic. If guests come over for a visit, they will find this easy orientation to address, as the patio will feel like a general conversation area.

How to Create Outdoor Table Lamps with Deer Antlers

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Outdoor table lamps – Instead of simply mount your deer antlers on a plaque, there are many projects that can craft with them. If you have a cabin or have designed a rustic theme in your home, the horns can highlight this decorative style, especially if used to create outdoor table lamps. Using a team of lamp and some basic tools, you can develop a table lamp with deer antlers in a matter of hours.


  1. Get two or more deer antlers to use as a base for your outdoor table lamps. Put antlers on newspapers outdoors, and cover with polyurethane spray to protect your natural color and prevent damage by water or insects.
  2. Ata horns together with the tips up. Hold the antlers in place, making sure the base does not tilt. Invest a pole for use as a support for the bulb and make sure it is perfectly vertical. Apply a strong transparent adhesive between the antlers, at all points of contact between them.
  3. Wrap strips of duct tape around the poles to hold them in place while the glue dries. Leave the tape on poles while completing the steps to turn on a lamp, but make sure you wait 15 minutes after sticking to proceed.
  4. Punch a hole in the inverted pole. The diameter of this hole should be slightly larger than the base of the lamp socket, and should only have one or two inches (2.5 to 5 cm) deep. Hold firmly and slowly drilled antler, so you do not make mistakes.
  5. Cover the inside of the hole drilled with strong adhesive and install the lamp socket straight into the hole. Supporting the cap in place for 15 minutes while the glue dries.
  6. A screen mounted on your outdoor table lamps. To do this, place the screen in place and screwed one bulb in the socket.
  7. Remove the tape from the horns and plug the lamp into the electrical connection.

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