DIY: The Liquor Cabinets and Bar

liquor cabinets

A bar and liquor cabinets increase the aesthetic appeal of any home, besides being a convenient location for visitors and store your drinks. While it is easy to find bars and cabinets already ready drinks, make these items at home allows you to create your own design.

Dimensions required

Measure the space where will your bar and liquor cabinets. Ensure that this area is able to store all your drinks, with space for your visitors to relax. While your bar can be any size, ensuring that it is large enough that you do not need to expand it later.


You can build your bar and liquor cabinets in various ways, depending on available space and your needs. A simple straight bar may be enough if you just plan to store drinks and drinks and do not store beer or wine. If you want a full bar in your home, consider building it L-shaped, to leave room for a fridge and a wine cellar. The L-shape is also useful if you plan to install a sink to wash the cups.


Include the lighting when designing your bar. You want to create a warm and casual so that your guests can enjoy a beer or cocktail space, but you also need enough time to read labels and measure light drinks. A light in the ceiling connected to a dimmer is a great choice for the bar area. The backlight is also a good idea, since it provides enough light for the host without further illuminate the area for guests.


Choose your materials according to the use they plan to give the bar and liquor cabinets. If you want to be able to move it, consider building a bar with bamboo. For a more sophisticated look, choose woods such as oak or walnut, which are much heavier, but are more resistant. If you do not want to worry about stains, use slabs of granite or marble like finish. These surfaces resist stains and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

How to Plan a Kitchen Corner Storage Cabinet the Best

corner storage cabinet with doors

If your kitchen is well lit and you have ample corner storage cabinet space, you might consider simply put shelves layered on blind side of the cabinet. Select from a range of ready-made plastic shelves designed to keep all your pots, cans, visible and accessible in the cabinet’s boxes. To access food or consumer goods that store, you need to keep the rest of the relatively organized closet. Simply storing lightweight aluminum canisters in the most accessible area. By keeping perfectly nested bowls, you can access them quickly and can get them out of the way when you want to get behind them. Keep items you use less frequently in “blind” section of the closet.

Corner storage cabinet maximizes storage space in your home, and select the appropriate hinges to mount its doors is a critical step to acquire a totally classy and professional end result.

Most cooks know that there is nothing comparable to a very spacious locker. Thus, if the layout of your kitchen countertop takes an L-shaped or U, you have to think of some creative ways to make better use of the available corner storage cabinet area in the corners. A common solution is to use a closet wedge shaped or L, and if this is the case, you may also want to explore the closet inserts that give you easy access to your kitchen supplies.


  1. Buy a corner cabinet wedge-shaped for use on the counter. Because of its unique shape, the interior space is a little deeper, what works well for storing crockery and dishes.
  2. Build a unit of Lazy Susan turntables at the base of the inside of your cupboard corner. These units are ideal for two shelves packaged and canned goods, plus allow clear visibility and easy access to your kitchen supplies.

3. Consider a corner storage cabinet type “magic corner” if your pocket allows. These shelves rotate to pull out in the kitchen when the door is open, and they are often equipped to handle heavier objects like pots.

How to set up IKEA office furniture

ikea office furniture

IKEA office furniture – A good way to make your multipurpose room is creating a space that can be used for office. This view allows you to have two rooms for the price of one, and with the right decoration, functional and comfortable environment can be achieved.

If you are determined to make a multipurpose room to your bedroom. Use your own creativity and implement your own IKEA office furniture for your room decor by combining different ideas in this article.


Step 1

  1. Decide your decor. Think about what you already have in your room and how you want to transform it into office equipment. If you already have a bookcase or cabinet, objects thought to harmonize with those who chose to add. Take your time browsing catalogs and online reviewing sites on different office furniture. Visit sites and stores like IKEA office furniture, Target, Pier One, Wal-Mart and Office Depot to get an overall idea of what is available for sale.
  2. Measure your space. Know exactly what you want to take to your room to create an office and how much space you have for it. Use the tape measure to check the dimensions of the room. Make sure you have recorded the actions of furniture that will bring to your room to make sure they fit there.
  3. Combine styles IKEA office furniture. Use the space you possess to create a look that works well in the two intended uses. For example, if you want a style simple and elegant in your room, avoid overloading it with cables, desktop computer and printer. Opt for a simple laptop and a car that can be easily moved around the room.

Now all depends on you on office furniture set, you want to wear theme where and what product you will use.

Cleaners for Wood File Cabinets

wood file cabinets that look like furniture

Cabinets of wood can have a variety of finishes applied. Each type of finish is benefited by a different type of cleaning to maintain it properly. Rather than buying several different types of products for cleaning wood file cabinets, you can make your without spending much. Homemade solutions are simple to be used and are usually very helpful in your cleaning routine. Create a folder of recipes that work for your home and fill it with the necessary products.

Varnished wood cabinets

To clean wood file cabinets varnished, you could put a number of drops of lemon oil with water inside a spray bottle. Shake the bottle each time it is to use it, since the mixture separates easily. Gently spray the solution on a soft cloth; no need to soak, just moisten. Wipe the cabinets and then pass a second time, this time with a clean cloth. Use the second cloth to polish the cabinets again, rubbing it in quick circular motions.

Raw wood cabinets

The bare wood file cabinets need a little added moisture. Mix in a bowl, two spoons of soup of olive oil with the same amount of lemon juice. Mix well, and then dampen a clean, dry cloth into the mixture. Wring the cloth; this will cause the components to be absorbed. You do not need to be soaked. Pass it on cabinets, making the solution penetrate the wood. If you drive a lot of solution in the wood, use a clean cloth to remove excess. As in polished wood, can use the second cloth to polish these cabinets.

Painted wood cabinets

Painted wood cabinets can tolerate detergents, but you must be careful not to strip paint. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to 3.7 liters of water and mix. Use a sponge to move the solution in closets. Be sure to rinse the soap from cabinets, since it can dry the paint and the wood. Use fresh water and a sponge or clean cloth; rinse until water is clear. Touch the paint chips as you discover each of them avoid having to repaint the complete wood file cabinets.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lateral Wood Filing Cabinet

wood filing cabinet

Equipment and office furniture are a significant expense for just about any business, and care should be consumed in the selection of durable and functional pieces. Good lateral wood filing cabinet with are essential for any office that handles a large number of files.

Some models of cabinets filing may not have the lock and you may want to add one for safety. Fortunately this is a quick and easy process. Be aware that no lock is unwavering, and many important papers should be stored in bank vaults or safes fireproof. But for simple storage and security, put a lock on a closet can be enough for less important documents.


In a lateral wood filing cabinet, files are side by side along the length of the drawer. This makes it easier to store large number of files and facilitates the quick location of documents required, making these perfect for a high turnover of cabinets. The width of the upper surface can be used for additional storage. The cabinets come in a variety of sizes – models between two five drawers are available in 81, 91 and 106 cm in length – so you can choose what best fits your needs. Two drawer cabinets are perfect next to your desk, for extending your workspace considerably.


Lateral wood filing cabinet can be tricky to use. Regular cabinets file folders have turned out, but with lateral files, an individual must review the files of hand, which may mean keeping a very strange posture. Furthermore, side file are bulky and difficult to transport, especially when full of papers. They can also be very expensive and have large amounts of space.

Taking his decision

The first consideration in choosing a file system is to determine what best suits their business needs. Whatever your decision, make sure that the wood filing cabinet is sturdy and well made. The best cabinets for filing, including side cabinets are made of metal or wood and last for years.

Projects of Wood Storage Cabinets for Tools

wood storage cabinets home depot

Carpentry and woodworking projects can be fun, but how to store this Monteria of tools that every woodworker seems to accumulate? There is a huge amount of boxes of plastic and metal as wood storage cabinets solutions for tools available in the big stores, but why not apply some of their skills with wood to build your own tool support?

Perforated plates

Each workshop has a holder for perforated plate’s tools; just to help keep you organized these tools really need to be visible and handy. This is a very simple wood project. The orifice plates are available in sizes of 5 to 20 per 10 centimeters per 10 centimeters, plywood or metal. Parafuseie the perforated plate directly in the rafters of the garage wall, or use expanders cavity wall to screw the plate perforated plaster or stucco. Enter hangers for tools on board. You can spruce up the project by painting the plate and / or scoring tools of your board with a marker so you know which goes where. The Woodshopics site (see references) has a more advanced version of a perforated plate, if you want to try something a little more challenging.


Generations of students honed their skills working wood by building his own toolbox. Toolboxes can be as simple as an open with a strap (like the Popular Mechanics plans, in the references below), or advanced as a tool wood storage cabinets with several drawers on rollers that slide box. The site Tool Crib (see References) has suggestions and plans for these.

Cupboard for gardening tools

Garden tools are a special problem because of their size. A simple solution is to preach a few nails at a distance of 5 by 10 cm on the wall for rakes, shovels, etc., may be hung between the plates. Another idea is to create wood storage cabinets with holes in the top and bottom, so that tools with long handles can be placed (see Resources).

What is a Thermofoil cabinets?

thermofoil cabinets vs wood

The intent of Thermofoil cabinets is giving the impression that the cabinet was painted. In fact, this process involves melting an ultrathin a vinyl material by applying heat layer. This creates a uniformly colored surface, like a painting done with ordinary ink. The advantage is that no inconsistencies exist as in painting, other than that; the surface becomes sturdier and easier to clean than a painted surface.


The surface of Thermofoil cabinets is more resistant than the cabinets painted, and it is possible to apply techniques they acquire a more antique look. This works with almost all styles. The most common problem with the discolouration is Thermofoil. It occurs naturally in the course of time, and when material is exposed to excessive heat. Thus, avoid placing the cabinets too close to the stove.


Thermofoil cabinets are interesting for people who need to save money, and also for those looking for a custom product. The price varies depending on the quality of the material to which the vinyl will be added. The cheapest, for example, often cannot even be glued much stronger material than cardboard. Already the best can be used to solid wood, which makes them much more durable and expensive.

Potential Problem

Be sure about the category in which the wood will be glued Thermofoil: it is most important to ensure the longevity and appearance of the cabinets. Pellets and wood fiber panels are made ​​of sawdust and glue, being prone to sagging if they have good support. This problem occurs especially in cabinets where dishes are stored and canned goods.

Easy to clean

Cabinets of this material are easy to clean: just pass a damp cloth and a solution of nonabrasive cleaner such as soap and water. Immediately dry because if any scratch or crack in Thermofoil cabinets, moisture can easily penetrate and damage the wood substrate.

How to Paint Wooden File Cabinets with Latex Paint

wooden file cabinets

Wooden file cabinets – The easiest and cheapest way to upgrade cabinets in the kitchen is with paint. In many cases, you can paint a set of kitchen cabinets for less than $ 200 often; old kitchen cabinets are brighter and clean after being painted. One problem that many owners have painted cabinets with brush marks are left behind. Only use the brush does not leave a good finish on the cabinets, but you can paint cabinets without brush marks, use all appropriate tools.

Directions for how to paint wooden file cabinets with latex paint without leaving brush marks

  1. Clean the cabinets with a degreaser and a sponge. Let the cabinets dry completely.
  2. Extend cloths on the floor under the cabinets. Cover countertops with resin and paper tape.
  3. Remove the cabinet doors. Unscrew the hinges of them with a screwdriver. Book doorknobs, hinges and screws. “Do not rush this step just to save a little time, “warns expert Ron Hazelton home improvements. He adds: “You will be much happier with the results when the entire cabinet is clean and the doors and freshly painted drawers.”
  4. Apply finish by sanding the wooden file cabinets with fine sandpaper. Wipe off dust with a damp cloth.
  5. Paint the cabinets and doors with high gloss latex paint. Pour a small amount of ink within an ink tray. Pass the foam roller in the paint. Use a foam paint roller to paint the closet doors. Use of a brush just to reach the corners of the cabinet. The foam roller eliminates the possibility of the paint strokes. Wait for the paint to dry and pass a second layer.

6. Wait for the paint to dry and harden before touching the wooden file cabinets. This usually takes about 24 hours, according to Hazelton. Now replace the doors, hinges and handles.