Ideas for Design Nautical Shower Curtain

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Nautical shower curtain – The curtains simple clear and white work well to light and cool the appearance of a shower. It seems romantic shop sheikh pure outdoor curtains white. The patterns of colors work to give a whimsical look. Go with a nautical theme, camping, fishing or hunting for a rustic look. Large letters can form the names of your family through the curtains for another fun look. Make a panel for each color of fabric you can find a colorful outer space. The curtains are light and airy add pizzazz to shower areas with this multi colored decoration.

Beach word brings thoughts of sunshine, waves, shells, warm sun and relaxation. Why not take the elements of an ocean front beach home? What better place to bring your beach items to your home bathroom. Create a nautical shower curtain theme in your bathroom will bring an element of fun and relaxation, whether you’re preparing to work in the morning or take a long relaxing bath.

Nautical Style

The nautical shower curtain decor is fun and trendy, and of course blue is essential to this style. To create a nautical look, you’ll need a palette of three colors: cherry red, clear and blue. The blue that you choose should be a primary or navy, no tone or a pale blue-green. Place a replica ship in a bottle on the sink Nevada hangs on the wall or a painting of a boat or an anchor to reaffirm the nautical style. Stripes always combined in the nautical decor and design can incorporate as towels in the windows and paint the wall. Instead of placing accessories red or black color, choose blue tones to match the nautical atmosphere.

Some ideal options can be an aged blue vase, ceramic soap dish blue or a bath mat, too blue. Be sure to balance the red, white and blue with accents of silver or gold. You just use a metallic color in a bath of nautical shower curtain style. If you have silver accessories, silver beam details. Follow the same rule if you have gold accessories.

A Numi toilet to evacuate with style

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If you want a fancy toilet, which is also combined with a bidet, then what you need is the Numi toilet from Kohler. But luxury does not end there, the $ 6,390 cost really worth.

The cover operates electrically and when you feel feel a blast of hot air that heats your thighs. Is that all? No, the best is yet to come: we have a touch screen that works as a remote control and allows us to control the music being played, bidet functions and even water flow.

One tip by Numi toilet is doing not put on a similar image as binoculars were invented many years ago instead.

Our friend the toilet, also known as a toilet, the throne, the pip room, Mr. Rock, and other names used to refer more to that fellow who never complains about the harsh and sometimes distressing desmoids to which it is subjected from the appearance of its most similar predecessor invented by Sir John Harrington in 1596, has been vindicated by the company Kohler, obviously without changing its mission has made ​​use an event with more style.

Thus Numi toilet, a toilet a gifted Touch Screen Remote that allows us to tune in a station save custom user settings appears.

The Numi toilet combines unmatched design and technology to provide the best personal comfort and cleansing. From its striking form and features parasol fantastic water efficiency, the Numi toilet marks a new standard of excellence in the bathroom.

In compact form, simplified

Some of its features Numi toilets are: Hands free opening and closing of the toilet seat with bidet functionality advanced integrated dryer, Efficient Water Flush uses only 1.28 or 0.6 gallons, Enhance your environment with lighting, heating and music , Intuitive touch screen distance.

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What kind of paint is used to painting exterior brick?

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In this article what kind of paint can be used to painting exterior brick explained? The different scenario that can occur that affect the way in which the brick must be painted is also present.


First answer this question. Does the brick will paint is on the outside of a building or structure, or is an inner wall or chimney? The reason for this question is to determine which paints exterior is needed. In any case, the brick should be examined because regardless of the paint to be used the surface must be properly prepared. If the brick is unpainted, all loose brick or chalk should be removed with a wire brush. Then primer quality base oil must be applied. Use the right product for the conditions (indoor or outdoor use). If the brick has been previously painted, evaluates the condition of the paint. If it shows signs of damage (chipping, flaking or peeling) brick simply must be free of dirt before it can be painted. If the painting exterior brick is peeling, use a wire brush to remove the flakes or chips and major areas uncovered (unpainted) with an oil base primer quality. Now the brick surface is ready for painting.

Types of paint (composition)

Once prepared, two main types of paint that can be used strictly from a standpoint of chemical composition no. That is, painting exterior brick water-based paints or oil is used. Briefly water paints are cleaned with soap and water usually has little odor, dries quickly and does not yellow over time. Oil paints are very durable and thick (need very few strokes) you will need paint thinner to clean brushes and takes much longer to dry, take on a yellowish tint over time and usually have a strong odor. From a perspective of quality, both types are similar as you use high quality paint. Most of the time, a water-based paint is the most popular option, as more states are doing to fulfill the strict environmental laws regarding oil paints.

Subtypes water based paint

There are three types of water-based paints that can be used to painting exterior brick once they are properly prepared. The first type, latex, should only be used for painting interior brick as they have the ability to bend and straighten as the following two types that can be used either inside or outside. These two types are acrylic and water. The acrylic is still widely used, since, as mentioned above, can be stretched along with the weather. The second type, water-based paint is a special technology designed to mimic the leveling (leaving few brush strokes) of oil paint. While it flexes as acrylic paint, provides superior leveling both a latex acrylic paint. The three types of paints dry quickly, but water-based paints dry very fast.

How to decorate small toilets with photos

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In small toilets, you have to give your best in every aspect of the decor. Photos are a great way to decorate small spaces at low cost; but the pictures must not overwhelm the room. Some simple steps and your photos will make wonders in a small toilet.


  1. Choose up to three photos; these should be relatively simple. I.e., no group shots or this guy looking at the camera. The photos highlighting flowers, shells or leaves are a good option.
  2. Change the color of all the photos in black and white. This can be done using any software for editing photos; just select “color” and remove them. The sepia tones are another option.
  3. Choose a color to highlight something in photography. Most photo editing software has this option. You can change the color of a flower to yellow and leave the rest of the photo in black and white. This will be in “colors” in the “Options” tab. A professional studio can help you with that. Select a color that matches the decor of your toilet. It should not dominate the picture but accentuate it.
  4. Print the photos; typically using paper in the dimensions 20 x 28 cm. The small toilets support up to three photos; but if yours is too small, choose to use only one or two photos.
  5. Frame photos. Use frame thin and simple; preference for glass or plastic without outside edge.
  6. Hang the pictures. Arrange them horizontally or vertically, depending on the size of your small toilets. Do not spread them around the room; place them in proximity to one another to prevent the apparent bathroom being stuffy.

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Tips banks for silkwood shower

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Banks for silkwood shower is ideal for those people who have trouble taking bath alone or unable to stand for long periods of time. There are also decorative benches that add luxury to your bathroom, allowing you to sit back and relax with the water running down his body. You can find a variety of benches for showers, but it is important that you find one that is sturdy and strong to withstand everyday use. This type of seat is more suitable for showers, since most of the baths are too narrow to accommodate the addition. For bathtubs, the ideal is also the use of a chair for showers.


One of the most common materials for showers banks is thick plastic, which is waterproof and easy to clean. The plastic provides stability to the person sitting, and the contours of the seat and backrest provide comfort to the bath. Some banks may also come with seats stuffed nylon for comfort. The legs of the bench to the silkwood shower should be aluminum, mild to maintain and protect the database area of rust or water damage. If you want to add a bench to your bath to create an environment with a spa guy, a good choice of material for long use is teak and silkwood. This native timber from Indonesia is known for being able to withstand moisture, which makes it perfect for daily use in the shower.

That wood wears or does not create mold, making it safe for use in banks for showers. Because of this quality wood products made ​​from silkwood and teak cost far more when compared to other materials. But while other products are cheaper, they may need to be replaced often, which ultimately can end up costing the same as a bank for teak shower or silkwood shower.

Accessories bathtub gin NYC for parties of clamorous 20s

jacuzzi bathtubs with jets

When we think of the clamorous 20s come to mind iconic images from the gangsters with machine guns and his companions to the vaudeville and sandals to speakeasies and bathtub gin NYC. If you are planning a party themed these years, consider these concepts when shopping for supplies. Consider creating a style of underground nightclub with a dance floor and music of the time, the clamorous 20s.


If you are celebrating 20 years with a party, you have to dress according to that. The decade was recognized for its innovative fashion. Many of the styles have come and gone since and fashion can be found in vintage clothing shops. Some can be created at home with items from local crafts stores. For women, frilly dresses and evening were the order of the day. Buy some beaded edges and put on dresses that you could have that fit the theme. Tassels were also in vogue, like shawls and hats. Women also wore long pearl necklaces and boas (you should use fake) and fans. Men wore tailored suits, black ties, white and leggings. Do not forget hats and gang style brimmed hats.


The 20s were the age of the ban, but people also drank through speakeasies. Buy alcohol and auxiliary ingredients you’ll need to make popular cocktails of the era. For inputs, you’ll need much gin and bourbon. Also consider making punch with champagne and present it in a punch bowl art deco. The classic martini cocktail was a standard drink of the decade, like vermouth and olives. The 20s also saw the advent from the mint julep, so you want to feature mint and sugar in bourbon. You’ll also find recipes online for gin made ​​in the bathtub gin NYC if you want to make it complete. The beer was certainly popular, so make sure you have some glasses handy. Add something to the atmosphere with metal tubs that will add something to the ice and show the alcohol.

Fill with ice an antique claw foot tub as a tribute to the bathtub gin NYC made by suppliers of moonshine in the 1920s serves a variety of beers and other drinks premixed bottled using the tub to give guests easy access to additional drinks.

Types of theme parties

There are several types of theme parties twenties you can do. Your party can focus on the flappers and flapper culture. You can do a themed party that focuses on the gangsters of that era, like the infamous Al Capone. You can make a theme party on Prohibition, focusing on the “bathtub gin nyc.” Or, you can ask your guests to dress up as stars of silent films of the decade, as Lillian Gish. The options are truly endless.