The different dual shower head in a cabin

dual shower head adapter

If there is a dual shower head in your home, you know that the repairs are part of the privilege of having it. There are several common repairs and accessories for bath faucet’s shower. Each addresses a different problem, and some of the repairs solved many problems. Many of these are easy enough for any homeowner, and do not require the help of a plumber.

Leakage from a shower of two keys is produced from one of the dual shower head worn cartridge and allowing the water to pass through when the handles are rotated to the off position. Before beginning to disassemble the faucet to replace the cartridges, put your hand under the water dripping to feel the temperature of the water coming out so you won’t have to replace the cartridges or replace the bad.

Having to choose between dual shower head different in a car can be a great comfort. Imagine being able to lift a shower switch media and start using a different shower head. This is possible with a dual plug head shower. It is screwed onto the existing plumbing and has two ports to which two different shower heads meet. They can choose up a switch to dual connector.


  1. Use pliers to take the water pipe and uses another to unscrew the old shower head.
  2. Wrap with tape Teflon pipe threads of water. Wrap the tape in the direction of the threads to secure it when the dual connector is installed.
  3. Attach the connector to dual water pipe by screwing it to hand. Used a pair of tweezers to hold the water pipe and tighten the dual connector.
  4. Wrap with tape Teflon off the two ports in dual threaded connector.

5. Install the two shower heads in the connector dual shower head. Use two pairs of pliers as you did when you installed the dual connector to the water pipe.

How to convert a shower tub combo

shower tub combo design ideas

A great way to revitalize a bathroom in an old house is replacing the tub with a modern shower tub combo. This project takes a few days and quite legwork. Your shower will not be used, and then is programmed. In the end, the result is a modern shower that gives value and style to your home.


  1. Turn off the water in the bathroom and start removing the tub, the shower door, the tap and the valve. Be careful not to pierce any water lines or electrical cables when doing tests. Use mask and gloves to protect from dust and debris. Remove all drywall around and above the bath. Clean area of ​​dirt, debris and dust. Place all waste in the trash dump.
  2. Make the frame of the new shower tub combo and shower stall. You may have to install new beams in place of the old. Check the level and condition of the beams. Fix when damaged can save you headaches in the future. The goal is to get a straight and strong wall.
  3. Install the new drain. Use one that is adjustable to be placed at the proper height where the floor is installed.
  4. Put the new pipelines shower valve. They can be made of copper lines or PEX pipe. Fit the new valve and shower tub combo head according to the instruction manual that came in the valve kit.
  5. Install floor. Certifque that the base is leveled. It usually fits the rafters with screws. Be careful not to break the glass flange that is on the floor when you’re screwing fiber. The drain is installed through the hole in the center. Attach the drain according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

We invite you to look at our 20 how to convert a shower tub combo in the photo gallery. Bound to find many ideas to adapt to yours.

How to decorate a clear shower curtain garden style

clear shower curtain rod

Clear shower curtain – At the end of a long day, your bathroom is where you can turn up problems with a hot shower or a bath foaming bath and relax. A toilet-themed garden can help achieve this peaceful feeling that you want. Even the ugliest of days, you can have the beauty of an outdoor garden right in your bathroom.


  1. Wrap a wreath of ivy or flowers artificial around the clear shower curtain rod. You can find this item at any craft store and it costs just a few dollars. Buy enough for the size of the rod and tie at each end.
  2. Place plants in the bathroom real or artificial. If you do not have a large bathroom, a vase of bamboo, fern clorofito or may be beautiful, without taking much space. Take care to place the plants in a place where they will not be knocked down or damaged.
  3. Take pictures of flowers and place them on the walls. It’s easy to shoot, print or have printed and you can frame them in less than five minutes. Consider taking pictures of flowers from your own garden to add a special touch of personalization to your bathroom. If you do not have to photograph flowers, can take pictures of flowers from anywhere.
  4. Paint the walls in a soothing pastel. A green or yellow light tone can help you relax and incorporate the vibration of a sunny garden. Light colors work with any garden decor item you put in the room.
  5. Choose items color coordinates clear shower curtain. If you decide to paint the wall yellow light, use light yellow towels. If you do not like colored towels, white goes with any color that you paint the walls.

6. Place a garland of flowers or ivy. They look beautiful on the back of the bathroom door and can work well with any decor item that you have. Choose a garland for the door of the same type as the wreath with which you wrap the clear shower curtain rod.

How to calculate the sum of the same side exterior angles

same side exterior angles are supplementary proof

Geometry can be one of the most difficult subjects of math you find in high school. With so many figures, types of angles and formulas to remember, you may start to feel like you’re swimming in a sea of ​​confusion. Read this article to be guided through how to solve a common geometry, calculating the sum of the same side exterior angles of a polygon.


Calculating the sum of same side exterior angles of a polygon

  1. Subtract the measure of each interior angle of 180 for the measurement of the corresponding exterior angle. If you draw a continuous straight out on each side of the polygon, you could see not only internal but also external angles. We know that a straight line is a measure of 180, so if you subtract the measure of the interior angle (180 degrees total straight line), then what’s left will be the external angle. In mathematical terms, the external and internal angles are complementary. This procedure should be followed for both regular and irregular polygons.
  2. Some measurements of all external angles of the polygon. It should be 360, because that is the sum of the same side exterior angles of all polygons.
  3. Use the knowledge that the sum of exterior angles of any polygon wills always 360, to facilitate the task of finding the measurements of the external angles of a polygon next time.
  4. Determine the measure of its same side exterior angles dividing 360 by the number of sides of the polygon when dealing with a regular polygon.
  5. Determine the measure of an exterior angle specific, if you have the measurements of all other external angles, adding all other external measures of angles and then subtracting that number from 360 in the case of an irregular polygon.

Measuring the interior angles of a polygon

  1. Determine if the polygon with which you are working is regular or irregular. A regular polygon is a figure whose sides and angles are all the same size, and all others are irregular.
  2. Use equation 180 * (n-2) if coping with a normal polygon, where n is the quantity of sides inside the polygon contained to find the sum of the company’s interior angles. Then, to determine the extent of the internal angles of the regular polygon, simply divide the sum of the internal angles of n, since this is the number of sides and angles of the regular polygon.

3. Use the measurements provided by the problem if you are working with an irregular polygon.

What is a luxury shower curtains double swag?

luxury shower curtains brown

Many people think that a bathroom of luxury shower curtains should mean a big one, but this is not the case. Luxury is more characteristic of amenities and finishes that size. In some cities, like New York, the spacious bathrooms are usually only found in very expensive apartments. Create a luxurious bathroom requires a polished and professional design, top quality materials and finishes.

Luxury shower curtains double swag curtains look luxurious and add a look of elegance within your bathroom. This type of shower curtains come in a variety of fabrics, textures and designs and can be dressed up or down.


Thunderbolt is a panel or cloth covers or hanging from a bar. The fabric is pulled onto the side and it is held set up having a decorative element. Spoils double curtain provides this design element from treatments window, and instead of a fabric panel, two are used. Each panel bar down the shower floor, hanging on each side of the bar.


A luxury shower curtains for bathroom is complete when all finishes are installed and the room is decorated. The finishes include unique faucets and water outlets, chandeliers, pillars of light, custom cabinets, countertops and sinks unusually ornate or handmade. The windows can be elaborated interior windows and door hardware can be golden. The decorator will bring luxury fabrics, bedding, statues, plants, rugs and decorative objects for the final room has the luster and elegance of a complete design.

Luxury shower curtains double swag are often rich and luxurious fabrics such as satin or velvet, because the wealth effect has double draped in decoration, although they could be found in cotton and similar to vinyl. If you use a cloth curtain, installing a liner shower curtain vinyl to protect the fabric and your floor from damage by water.


Shower curtains double swag often are tied at the back with rope trim, decorative metal curtain holders, arches and wide strips of cloth. The tie-back options are extensive and can add a unique decorative element to your bathroom.

How thick are slate floor tile?

slate floor tile kitchen

The tiles traditional slate is created by splitting slate floor tile stone along its grain. Unlike some stones that are monolithic, slate has a really pronounced grain that enables it to become split into thin slices having a hammer and chisel. This can even be cut into precise dimensions employing a wet saw.

Roofing shingles

In areas where slate floor tile is naturally, have been used to create roofs that last for centuries. Because the cumulative weight of a slate roof is covered with huge, the tiles should be divided to minimize weight. The slates can vary from 1/2 inch (1.7 cm) in thickness to a 1/4 inch (0.85 cm). Thinner tiles weigh less, but they are also more fragile and prone to breakage.


Because the boards used for the floor are seated on the ground, do not have to be as thin as roofing slate. The slate to the floor should be also thicker because people walk onto it, and actually has to become strong sufficient to withstand this force. Meanwhile, cut the thicker board than necessary is inefficient, increasing the cost of this material and expensive. The thickness of the slate floor tile starts at 1/2 inch (1.7 cm) and can go all the way up to 1 inch thick (2.5 cm). The slate floor that sits on top of hard subsoil must be uniform in thickness to create a smooth floor.


For applications and outdoor landscaping, the thickness of the board is less important than for the interior, both because the rules are more flexible and because the Board applied to the soil, sand or gravel can be worked to create a walk able surface . Natural slate stones that have been split so vague to be useful for landscaping applications can vary from 1/2 inch (1.7 cm) to several inches thick.

Light gray slate tile

The blue and gray fall into the same spectrum in the color wheel, so they complement each other like the colors of interior design. Select a light gray slate tile for your floor if you want your room to have a marine theme. The slate floor tile has a modern look, making metal parts nickel or brushed silver and coordinating lamps add beauty to the overall look of the room. Choose light colored slate tile and avoids having shades black or deep gray.


The walkways are made ​​of slate stones may involve random or tiles cut with precision, depending on the style and formality of the walkway. If this is placed on a gravel base, you can put different weights on gravel sinking them in different degrees, creating a smooth passage and minimizing the risk of falls. The paving stones cut slate professionally can range between 1/2 and 1 inch thick (1.7 2.5 cm), while the natural stone shows a wider variation.

The my waterfall shower head is not coming out

waterfall shower designs

Waterfall shower head – The water pressure of the shower is perhaps one of the most crucial facets of a shower, since it determines the overall experience bath. If you have a shower with a lot of pressure, you may feel like you’re being beaten by a high pressure hose while low pressure causes the removal of shampoo, soap or soap is difficult. If you have low water pressure in the shower, it is possible to increase the pressure to comfortable levels.

Nobody wants to get into the shower and find that you have no waterfall shower head coming out. This is an annoying occurrence that can be a big problem or a simple repair. Leaking pipes can cause low blood pressure, but many other possibilities cannot do the shower pouring water. Learning how to proceed in this situation will help you to quickly find out what your water problem.


  1. Check the flow of waterfall shower head valves. They regulate the flow of water in your bathroom. Must be located behind the shower wall or under the sink. Make sure they are in the open position. Sometimes valves can be disturbed and disconnected.
  2. Remove the shower pipe by turning it counterclockwise. Turn on the water to see if it exits the barrel. If you exit after exiting the shower, then look for any obstructions or broken valve inside the object. It may be defective.
  3. Check your main log, which is usually located in the backyard. If waterfall shower head is leaking it, or if it is off, no water in any part of your home. Call your water company to help you if that is the problem.

4. Check that paid the water bill. If the company had canceled their service, the whole house will be without water.

Soaking Small Bathtubs for Small Bathroom

small bathtubs home depot

Small bathtubs – Many bathrooms are made with the fundamental needs from the family on your mind. Since the space of storage in a bathroom small size is often limited, it is important that the room be kept as clean and free of obstacles as possible. Sexy shelves for towels and make use of space underneath the sink for personal items help solve storage problems. Choosing smaller than the standard size fittings for the toilet and the small bathtubs can make a small bathroom seem larger. However, even a small bathroom should be a reasonable size.

A little bathroom doesn’t mean you need to stop trying the posh of installing a soaker tub that is much deeper than standard tubs. The soaking tubs allow you to immerse the body in the water, lying comfortably on the back of the tub without having to slide down a difficult and uncomfortable situation.

  1. Corner tubs

Use the corner of your bathroom for a corner bath, which may seem extravagant and luxurious, while taking up less space. Corner on small bathtubs can actually make the room appear larger and standing in the corner and take up less space visually. The tubs can also provide up to 1 foot (30 cm) of space for additional bathroom due to the hot corner position. Whirlpool, armrest, corner seats and various decorative finishes are available.

  1. Claw foot tubs

Claw foot tubs are available a range of styles and can also add an antique look within your small bathroom while taking less space because of visual design alone bathtub. Plugging allow you to convert your claw foot tub into a shower, which could eliminate the call for a separate shower and save more space.

  1. Deep Bathtubs

Readily available in stores and home improvement warehouse stores, regular acrylic small bathtubs come in smaller sizes and varying depths, allowing you to choose a bathtub that fits your small bathroom and meets your needs. Some tubs have additional options such as whirlpool jets to create the experience of bathroom you want.

  1. Bathtubs with doors

The door tubs take up far less space than traditional baths, as they are about the same size as a standard shower cubicle. The small bathtubs include a door upon the side that lets you literally fall into the tub. Most models include a seat. The drawback of the tubs door is that you get into the tub before turning on the water and wait until it is fully drained before you can get out of the tub.

How to make a rod for clawfoot tub shower curtain

clawfoot tub shower curtain ideas

Clawfoot tub shower curtain – Clawfoot bathtubs are beautiful pieces of bathroom equipment, but its shape and its independence from the bathroom wall creates difficulties when it comes to a shower curtain. Unlike a combination shower / tub built conventionally, requiring only a shade straight clawfoot tub shower curtain have to go all the way around the tub to prevent water from penetrating the walls and floor. For this, a curtain barrel extending all needs the way around the tub.


Do it the easy way

  1. Purchase four pieces of metal pipe or rod, two are approximately equal to the length of your tub and two legs that are approximately equal to its width.
  2. Connect these four pieces of metal in the corners using wire or hose clamps to make a rectangle which is approximately a similar size and shape when your bathtub.
  3. Suspends the ceiling box installed above the bathtub eye bolts in the ceiling joists and extending wires of eye bolts for building your rod.
  4. Hang the rod clawfoot tub shower curtain you’ve made. Because the curtain does not slide beyond the wires that hold the rod, beam or curtain purchase a separate space for each section between the cable suspensions.

Do it the hard way

  1. Purchase two sections of 10 feet (3.05 m) of metal pipe 3/4 inch (1.90 cm).
  2. Place the two pieces together to create the same way as your bathtub. Move them closer or farther up the way they do is the same size as the tub. Cut the two protruding ends of each piece so that they can be joined together. Connect the two pieces with two tube connectors, creating a solid oval.
  3. Hang the oval shape of the roof in a similar manner described for the strategy in Section 1.

4. Hang the clawfoot tub shower curtain for your new rod.

Portable Showers DIY Travel Trailers

portable showers for disabled

Portable Showers – The trailers make a camping trip a little less hard, but its compact size often leaves little space for facilities such as showers. A couple of days enjoying nature can make anyone dirty and stinky, so find a way to wash your body during the outdoor life is a necessity. The portable showers DIY are cheap and easy to build with the branch of a nearby tree to your motor home.


  1. Place rings curtain shower curtains so they are ready to hang.
  2. Connect three sections of PVC pipe with elbows to form a “U”. Slide preparations shower curtains in one arm and close the square with the remaining section of PVC pipe.
  3. Run the shower curtain around your square of PVC. Insert seals through the first ring of a shower curtain ring to last the curtain, and then repeat with the other side. This will ensure that your portable showers will not open with the wind.
  4. Tie a cord 3 feet (90 cm) on each corner of your shower and tying them to join them in the center ring metal. Make sure the knots are tight enough for it not to slip when the portable showers hangs. Connect one end of the cable 6 feet (1.8 m) long with ring of metal, leaving the other end free to throw it over a tree branch. Slide the free end through the ring of metal and make a knot to secure your laptop to the shower arm.

5. Use the power of 2 feet (60 cm) to hang the bag water sun by the handle and place it in the ring metal with a carabineer. Connect the surgical tubing to the bag water with a clamp and connect the other end to the nozzle. Cap the tube just above the nozzle with another alligator clip to control the flow of water.