How to make bathroom linen cabinets

bathroom linen cabinets for less

A closet for storing clothes and towels can quickly turn into a necessity for even the smallest of families. Have towels and sheets available and arrange them is a necessity. You can make bathroom linen cabinets to store bedding and bath, quickly and easily. In this, you’ll do with mobile measures 60 inches deep, 1.50 meters wide and 2.40 meters high. Feel free to adjust these measures to make it suitable to your space.


  1. Measure your space from floor to ceiling. In this example, this measure is 2.40 meters tall. The advantage of making bathroom linen cabinets that goes from floor to ceiling is that you can store infrequently used items on the top shelf.
  2. Cut your wood to size. Cut two pieces of wood with 2.40 meters high and 60 inches deep. These pieces serve because the sides of one’s closet. Then cut the top and bottom. Each piece should be 60 inches deep and 1.50 meters wide. Cut the appropriate number of shelves you want in your closet. Each shelf should be 60 inches deep and 1.50 meters wide.
  3. Connect the side of his locker at the top and bottom. Use screws and wood glue to hold them. Plan use four wood screws on each side. When you attach the pieces above and below, make sure that they fit within your sides. This means that when you look at your bathroom linen cabinets aside, you cannot see the upper or lower parts.
  4. Install shelves at least 45 cm away. This extra space in your closet allows you to stack items like sheets and towels and keep them together. Leave extra space on top of your closet for items with height, such as pillows.
  5. Paint or varnish the wood with the color you want. Once the ink dries, wipe with a sealant to prevent moisture from damaging the wood.

6. Place baskets in your bathroom linen cabinets. They are great for storing smaller items such as soap or razors and facilitates transport these items to the shower.

How to paint a white bathroom cabinet

antique white bathroom cabinet

White bathroom cabinet – Bathrooms are one of the most private rooms in a house at the same time-but they are always in sight of all invited . If your bathroom cabinet is looking a little worn or old, you can restore it with a shiny new coat of paint, a job that will take only a weekend and enjoy for several years.


  1. Buy paint and base white bathroom cabinet. If the furniture is made ​​of knotty wood or have stains that could ooze through the new paint applied a blocking primer. You have to choose latex paint or oil. The latex paint is an interesting option because it dries quickly, is mildew resistant, odorless and cleans up with water. Choose an enamel gloss or satin for additional durability.
  2. Prepare the work area by placing papers daily or discard on the floor and close to all furniture.
  3. Remove the doors, drawers, shelves and bathroom cabinet handles with a screwdriver.
  4. Clean all surfaces you plan to paint. Most bathroom furniture is cleaned with a multipurpose household cleaner. For heavily soiled surfaces or fats can be used disodium phosphate (TSP). The TSP is a harsh chemical, and therefore must be careful to follow your instructions use. Rinse surfaces with water and dry thoroughly.
  5. Scrape all defective or porous paint using a spatula.
  6. Fill with a spatula or mark all whole cover putty or wood pores using a putty knife. When the filler is dry, remove all excess sanding with fine sandpaper (180 grit) to smooth surface.
  7. Sand all surfaces you plan to paint, which creates a “tooth” or rough effect so that the primer and final paint to adhere properly. Use sandpaper thick 150 or 180.
  8. Remove all dust from the surfaces of the bathroom cabinet using a cleaning cloth or grid.
  9. masking tapes every surface you do not want to paint by accident.

10. Painted white bathroom cabinet with primer doors, shelves and drawers of furniture by applying a thin layer and let dry.